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Does z-390-f support 32Gb DIMM's ?

Level 7
Hi all,

I have a ROG Strix z390-f GAMING motherboard with an i9 9900k CPU.

I would like to install 64Gb of RAM (I need to run multiple VM's).

Does anyone know if this board will support 2 x 32GB DIMM's ?

(The ones I was thinking of buying are these : )

The board manual only says you can go up to a 16Gb DIMM but I was wondering if any BIOS updates or similar have expanded this ?

Level 7
The qualified vendor list for my board Z390E does not include individual 32 gb sticks
This list is up to date .
Look for this " qualified vendor list" in your Asus board support

I have 40 GB = 2x16 + 8