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Do you/how cool VRMS on XI Extreme

Level 8
Howdy mates,

Putting together a new rig based on the Asus Maximus XI Extreme/9900K.
I went watercooling and I am curious how skilled OC experts (Read that as y o u) cool your vrm's?
Do you need a fan or something going for an OC below 5,3mhz, if so, h o w did you mount that fan?

To nail it down more precisely, looking for a visually pleasant solution for cooling the VRM's in an open case, the Thermaltake Core P7.
(Any way I can think of mounting a fan is a total distraction of my build)

Your feedback is greatly appreciated friends!
(I am rusty at the new gen PC's as I am upgrading from first gen i7 = +10 yrs and the peripherals is just to slow, so really appreciate your feedback.)

Stay cool!


My old Rig, looking like a crows nest... (at least honest)
47" LG 1920x1080 2ms,
i7 920 2,66 @ 4,418 HT Enabled (Not lapped, Arctic Silver 5),
Asus Rampage II Extreme (Bios 2101),
12GB 1600 8-8-8-24 OCZ GOLDEN SHOWER,
Corsair HX1000W, - just bursted in lightning and flames! Stuck a Corsair 750 innit.
SLI 2 x MSI 760 Gaming OC, - strike that, upgraded to Msi GTX 970 Gaming 4g,
Samsung EVO 500gb, at 92% health and 45C
Cyborg R.A.T. 9, - still has not got working drivers as of today! (Have 3 in a drawer and also a couple of R.A.T. 7's with same crap drivers.)
and Logitech G7 Backup,
1 x Thermochill PA120.4,
1 x Laing DDC 18w with Leaking XSPC Reservoir Top, (On my second)
1 x Watercool Heatkiller Rev 3, Copper CPU Block,
1 x 1366 Backplate,
16 x Yate Loon D12SH-12 (+ extra fans here and there)

Level 7
All one could just is just mount a fan to blow across it.

I just got the same case 15 mins ago and need to open it up still but that's the plan. 140mm fan probably.