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De-lidded my 8700K

Level 8
Hi all, not being an expert on overclocking I decided to have a go and as my cpu is air cooled i thought I'd better de-lid the thing, which worked perfectly.
Set adaptive voltage, turbo to 1.300v. XMP for overclock, LLC to 5 and all cores @50. SVID to "Best Case".

Everything booted fine so I thought I'd better test to see if any further tweaks were needed. Ran Cinebench 10 times and no blue screens. Next was Realbench, ran that for an hour but my screen shot shows 30 mins. Temps are very good with a Max CPU @70c, room temp is 24.2 c. I have attached the screen shot in case anyone is interested.Also just de-lidded my 7700K but have not tested it yet.


Super Moderator
Very nice result, great temps for air.
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Silent Scone wrote:
Very nice result, great temps for air.

Thanks for the reply, Just tested my 7700k @50 with nearly the same setup and the temps are the same. Running Realbench at this moment.

Level 14
Yes very nice, if your CPU's can run stably 5.0 at 1.3 volts you have a couple of very good CPU's and on air at that. It is unfortunate that we have to delid at all to get good temps but it is defiantly worth the effort for the reduced temps and fan noise even if you don't overclock.

Level 8
Thanks Menthol, I'm happy with 5GHZ on both machines. It's the first time I've pushed both CPU's beyond the standard overclock. As you say, at normal use both PC's are silent , just the way I like it. At 1.3 v on both it wont be cooking the chip's.
I had an H100i corsair cooler but, went to the Nocua 14s and I've seen no difference in temps between the two, bonus with air, no water leaks.
Really happy with both of my boards with no hassle at all. My 7700K passed Realbench without any problems.
Thanks once again for looking.

Wo, nice results.

I did not OC, have stock cores value.. i'm on an 360 aio and running at 1.17 and got 60 degrees max for 15m and i reached 60 degrees.

I wonder what would be the temps if i tried such an OC but i have a feeling i'll be higher than that, am i wrong?