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DDR4 Question or Questions

Level 7
i have settled on the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO (WI-FI) LGA 1200 Motherboard for my new build, but maybe the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA (WiFi 6) LGA 1200

On Asus web site for compatible memory you get a list of memory that has been tested to work right?

So shopping at newegg i type G. Skill F4-4400C19D-16GTZR and i get this from newegg F4-4400C19D-16GTZSW or F4-4400C19D-16GTZKK added sw or kk in the end without the R so are these the same DDR4 memory or are they different?
i have seen post about people that have bought the wrong RAM and do not wish to go that route!

All so will this DDR4 work G. SKILL F4-4266C16D-16GVK work?? it is DDR4 4266 (PC4 34100)
Timing 16-19-19-39
CAS Latency 16
Voltage 1.45V ???????

Question 2

Will you notice any difference between 4400mhz, and 4266 or 4000mhz and then cl from cl16 to cl19??
So from the 2 Motherboard from above what would be the best DDR4 Memory for about $200 for DDR4 2x8 16gb x2 for a total 32gb??


Level 14
Your correct the Asus support site will list the memory kits that were tested and work for your motherboard in the QVL.

When shopping for G.SKILL memory kits listed in your motherboard QVL you can also use the G.SKILL site to cross-reference memory kits, and click on the QVL tab in the memory kit Overview on the products page, clicking on the QVL tab will drop down a list of motherboards just click on motherboard manufacture and your chipset, it will show if the memory kit is compatible,.. as G.SKILL also does in house testing.

The last three letters are the modules series, and or heatsink color,.. GTZSK is Trident Z memory with silver & black heatspreader, GTZKO is black & orange, GTZKW is black & white,.. and so on they have a ton of colors, and series,.. the GVK are Ripjaws series,..

Personally on LGA 1200 system for 32GB total I would go with F4-3200C14D-32GTZ kit which would be 2 X 16GB CL14 3200MHz modules,.. and you can overclock them if you feel you want faster speed, those modules will easily OC to 4000 CL19 with LGA 1200 system. For normal usage running 3200 CL14 you should be good to go.

Oh one more thing i am not much into all the colorful light and glows and ooo's and aaa's
now my sons? well lets just say big light shows

On running 4-modules vs 2-modules you have lot's of folks with different opinions as to which is better. Personally from my point of view,.. I consider the memory channels supported, MHz I plan on running @, max memory supported, and also heat generated from modules & stress on IMC.

In my opinion running 2666MHz up to 3600MHz for 32GB total configuration 2 X 16GB is best,.. with LGA 1200 only supporting Dual-Channel,.. you will not gain much noticeable performance benefit by running full slots 4 X 8GB, and running 3200MHz double sided 16GB modules is supported. Running two modules vs four you have air flow between modules, less modules generates less heat, and memory voltage 1.2V, 1.35V up to 1.5V X2 = less stress on system vs X4.

I do not do the RGB lights but if you enjoy the RGB than full-slots 4 X 8GB would look more impressive. I prefer Corsair LPX black modules or Crucial Ballistix Max modules with no RGB lights.

Level 7
I Thank You for your Help and Knowledge!
i did not think of going to G. Skill web site.
I have been a long time user of Corsair memory but my son drools over G. Skill memory !!!

A long time ago must be 15 years now i tried overclocking a motherboard!! lets say i am better at a BBQ cuz that m/b did not survive 😞 darn amd

So this build i will not overclock it !!
so is two 16gb sticks better then four 8gb sticks?? i though it was best to have all memory slots occupied with memory?


Level 7
no i am not into the RGB light thing! my son are.
I did not think about 4 sticks of ram and the heat that will create.
So if i am going to get ram i can go up to 4400mhz or 4266mhz or even 4000mhz and not overclock it.
so then it is the voltage the lower the voltage equates to less heat too?

Thank for your help and knowledge


Wolfin wrote:
no i am not into the RGB light thing! my son are.
I did not think about 4 sticks of ram and the heat that will create.
So if i am going to get ram i can go up to 4400mhz or 4266mhz or even 4000mhz and not overclock it.
so then it is the voltage the lower the voltage equates to less heat too?

Thank for your help and knowledge


With LGA1200 system the i5 series native memory speed is 2666MHz and both i7 - i9 series chips being 2933MHz so running memory above that speed in XMP mode is overclocking your memory, and adding higher voltage to VCCIO & VCCSA for stability. The higher speed MHz you go and the more memory modules you have the more stress you add to your system, as system requires more voltage for stability when overclocking memory.

You should be fine running 4400MHz memory in XMP mode,.. doing some research on memory overclocking and learning how to safely adjust Auto applied voltages is a good way to insure system stability with lower voltages while using Manual settings rather than Auto.

Level 7
Thanks Braegnok!!

Honestly i never though that much about what the CPU does! i have always looked at what speed? 3.7mhz and what the amount of catch it has!!
I always thought the motherboard that controlled the ram. The i7 - i9 series chips being 2933 GHz info just is something that i never knew!!!
Well i just look at the intel i9-10900k and it list DDR4-2933

Braegnok This is as i hope is foing to be my last system i am going to build. I am at 60 but my mind is still a kid and my body says i am at 90!
my internet connection is through hughesnet satellite internet, so it is no good for online gaming!! maybe soon i may be able to get microwave internet at 900mhz,
i do not know if that will be better or not??
i am on a amd fx 6300 system now and my asus gh73jh i7 laptop struggles to play modern warfair 4 single player!

so a new asus m/b intel i9 10900k g. skill ddr4

G. Skill web site list this memory G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 4266 (PC4 34100) Intel XMP 2.0 F4-4266C17D-32GVKB
to work with the z490 on the ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero Z490 (WiFi 6) LGA 1200

So with this m/b and cpu and this ddr4! Not overclocking the cpu and in the bios enable XMP for the DDR4 with no manual voltage increase or like you said
just set to auto voltage this system should be OK right?

and this system should last maybe 10 years?? i am sure by the time i build this it will be out dated but this happens every 6 months right??
as long as i can play modern warfare single play and total annihilation, Forsaken, and a few other older games

i just thought the high speed on the memory would make the system run smoother! for some reason I always thought the m/b always adjusted to the speed
of the memory you installed!! i guess i am not the geek i thought i was!!!

THANKS for you help Braegnok !!!