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CPU FLuctuating Frequency

Level 7
Hi all, abut a month ago I built a new pc, Maximus XI Formula with an I9 9900k, and set it to run @ 4.7, it ran smooth and no issue, but it seemed to fluctuate (on oled screen) from 4.67 to 4.73 ish, but stable. I tend to only use my gaming pc on weekends, booting it Friday nights, well last weekend, it bumped itself to 4.9, and this time it sat directly 4.9, which I thought was weird. I got home early from work today an decided to pop it on for a few hours and play some games, and it bumped itself again, now runnin 5.0. Is there a setting somewhere in bios that I may have to set to lock it, or is this just a weird bug?
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Level 12
It's not a bug, you can change it in your Bios, my guess is it's the Turbo enabled.

ty for post, I will check it when home from work, I assumed it was something in bios. Thought maybe the AI, but I also thought that it would only boost the first time I enabled it, didnt realize it would keep bumping it up
And the wicked shall inherit the earth...

Level 12
Did you set it on manual, offset, or adaptive?
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Level 13
If you are using XMP1 then seleccion YES, is normal. for out boards. Is using asus presets. Also since windows is using AVX some variacion is pressent. that can be disable on bios. Also the vdrop is present. making changes there can prove what i write.
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