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Controlling ARGB & ARGB separately ?

Level 7
I have a Maximus XI Formulae motherboard and it got 2 ARGB header and 2 RGB headers. I have used all the ARGB header and they all work fine. Recently I bought a 12V/4 Pin LED strip and I fixed it to one of the RGB headers in my motherboard. It works perfectly. But it gets synced with Aura sync. I want to control the RGB and ARGB devices separately. Even the RGB headers are not listed in the devices of Armory Crate app. Is there any way for the RGB header to opt out of Aura Sync?
A help would be much appreciated.

Level 7
I recently re-wired my RGB components and connected them to the three ARGB headers on my ROG Maximus assuming they would show up as separate ARGB devices in AURA Sync which could be configured individually or designed in AURA Creator but apparently not... so I'm also interested in the answer to your question.

Level 12
I would delete Aura and Armoury Crate (if installed) and give OpenRGB a try. It works great on my Maximus X Hero Wifi and my Crosshair VIII Hero. Asus RGB control software is a bloated, buggy mess.