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Cannot boot after resoting from backup

Level 10
My motherboard: Z390 gaming-i. System (Windows 10) is installed on partition of NVME. GPT partitioning/UEFI boot. I did system restore from backup couple last times no problem. But now I met with this error again. The way I do it is: I go into BIOS and clear secure boot keys, then it says under secure boot menu: "secure boot off". Then I restore from backup (usb is in UEFI mode, there is no option to choose other) then go instantly to BIOS, switch secure boot on, but I get error system detected violation... I also tried to boot without secure boot, or choose other OS instead of UEFI but it doesn't work. Not to mention I tried to do restore when selected Other OS and secure boot key was cleared! While last time it worked just fine clearing secure boot key. I don't understand...

SOLVED: running startup repair from windows usb fixed it at the end, no idea what was wrong...