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Can't get Z390-E to boot from USB stick

Level 7
Hi all.

I'm trying to get my board to boot from a USB stick that contains recovery media for Macrium Reflect backup (I'm testing the recovery media). Hitting F8 at the ASUS logo takes me to the boot device selection screen, but the USB stick is not listed. I have tried it with the USB stick in two different USB ports, but it made no difference. It's a USB 2.0 stick and I tried it in two different USB 2.0 ports. Below is a screen cap. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Level 12
You probably don't have the USB drive set up correctly to boot with a UEFI system. Since I do not use Macrium, are there options for how to format the drive and such. Maybe using a FAT32 format as opposed to something else.
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Level 7
Some ISO's are bigger than 4GB so FAT32 is not an option in some cases.

Try putting your USB 2.0 stick in a USB 3.0 port. Mine will not boot from 2.0 ports.