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Boot time on Maximus XI Hero / 9900kl

Level 10

I went back to an Asus Motherboard since two days (maximus hero XI) and I notice that my boot time is longer than I was used to before on an aorus master. 16seconds vs 10seconds.

I know, it's not a big deal at all but i wanted to know how I can improve that.

The W10 install is fresh,I have disabled CSM, secured boot, Fast boot is on in bios (without turbo) and off in windows because I know the PC won't shutdown properly if enabled.

Any ideas?


Level 40
In Boot settings menu there is a delay timer in seconds...often set to 3 seconds default....change that to 0?

Level 10
It's set on 1sec now. I don't understand i wasn't used to such slow boot time

I have the same problem. The computer is hanging about 10 seconds at the beginning of post process with fans on full speed. In my previous board, Maximus VII Ranger, the whole boot was 3 seconds!

Level 11
memory training and memory checking is on default .

under dram timings at the bottom of the page is
"mch full check "
"mrc fast boot"

disabling those ( make sure your ram passes stabilty tests first ) this will be about 8 - 15 seconds less + fast boot on under boot options in bios as well
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