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Bizarre SATA problem on Rog Strix Z390-E

Level 7
I've been having major problems getting SATA drives to work on my new build using the Z390-E motherboard.

Initially couldn't get into the BIOS because the computer did not recognize me pressing the DELETE key..tried USB and PS2 connections. Found out that removing my brand new WD BLACK M.2 NVME 1TB drive allowed me to enter the BIOS.

Replaced the NVME drive with same model.
Computer up and running fine, except my DVD drive

Both BIOS and Windows saw the DVD SATA optical drive and windows said that it was working properly. Drive door would not open either manually or through windows eject function. Manually inserted a disc, and the drive would not spin, but green light flashed.
(another brand new DVD drive I tried appeared as totally dead, and a third drive - known to be working in another computer - started out with the flashing green light, then appeared dead.)

Eliminated drive, power connection and power supply as problems and tried a few SATA ports, including one that (at the time) was working for an SSD luck.

Next problem..trying to use a SATA SSD drive to store games, my computer froze while downloading. Windows now did not even show the drive as existing (after being used for a day). Now, I have two SATA problems.

Computer would not boot back to windows after restarting, just got the spinning Windows dots on the splash screen...waited 20 minutes before shutting down.

Next day, computer restarted ok, after a weird windows repair event. Not sure why it need to repair anything.

SSD "game" drive now shows up in windows, but I'm afraid to use it. Disconnected the SATA cable form the DVD drive, afraid to try that one too.

Obviously something weird going on here with SATA . My WD Black NVME drive is installed in the M2_2 socket because the manual indicated that would present less conflicts woith PCIe bandwith. SSD drive (Samsung 860 pro, SATA) is plugged into SATA socket 6G_1 and DVD drive is plugged in to SAT 6G_3. If I understand the manual correctly,, that should prevent any conflicts.

I've trying playing with various BIOS settings with no luck (BIOS 1105)

I have two drives that I'm afraid to - or can't - use, and I fear a crash is imminent.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for considering my issues....

ASUS Z390 E motherboard
G-Skill Trident Z RGB memory, 3000 DDR4, 32GB (2 sticks)
Intel 9700K
Corsair AX 850 power supply
NVidia Aorus 1080Ti video card
WD Black 1 TB NVME M.2 drive (boot drive) M2_2 socket
Samsung 860 Pro SSD drive (SATA) game drive 6G_1 socket
4 different DVD drives, ASUS , Plextor, Lite_on (2 of them) 6G_3 socket
1105 BIOS