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Level 7
My ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI CODE since 1 year !
BIOS 1401 works 😉
BIOS 1502 works 😉
BIOS 1602 works 😉
BIOS 1704 bad ;(
Same settings with BIOS 1704, XMP 1 for DRAM 3200MHz (1.350V) doesn't work, need 1-2 minutes to reboot with unstable post message (DRAM set to 2133MHz with 1.200V), 1.350V is not accepted
10-15 times boot/restart with unstable post message, only 1 time start correct with settings, but later after restart the same 1-2 minutes to need reboot with unstable post message (DRAM set to 2133MHz with 1.200V) I check the DDR4 predefined settings in BIOS and there gives for all 3200MHz 1.500V settings, but my DDR4 have 3200MHz/1.35V, its possible the volt in BIOS settings make problem, bcs. 1 time i set my 3200MHz to 1.5V and the system have started, but after restart the same freeze and so on ;( - and i test all new function with Auto, Enabled and Disabled
"Lpddr Dram Odt"
"DDR4 Skip Refresh Enable"
"Late Command Training Relaxed Reset"
and all other settings like forum-user --> MEMORY TIMINGS and PRESET = MODE 2 --> nothing works
I go back to BIOS 1602 and the sytem boot/restart in 3-5 sec. and works perfect with XMP1 with 1.350V / DRAM 3200MHz --> perfect 😉
BIOS 1602, Improve system stability --> perfect 😉
BIOS 1704, Improve system performance --> bad, negative ;(

Level 7
same problem but with kill Ripjaws V 64GB DDR4 K4 64GVKC 3600 (4 x 16GB) C16.

I'm out of the ASUS forum, because it's too stupid for me, it doesn't help but asks more questions for those looking for help
I build my pc for audio workstation and with all BIOS before it works perfect. I save my BIOS in the settings.
No1. with core ratio Auto & XMP 1 @ 4.0GHz, but without IntelSpeedStep, IntelSpeedShift, Turbo Modus, CPU C-states and HyperThreading bcs. ASIO works perfect without that options
No2. with same like No1. but only TurboModus for i9 9900ks @ 5.0GHz for ASIO audio workstation if needed (works perfect for more than 50 audio tracks in the DAW)
No3. with all Auto settings and XMP 1 for normal 5.0GHz for rendering CinebenchR15 2139
No4. OC / boost for 5.1 GHz for future rendering, it works CinebenchR15 2176
No5. OC / boost for 5.2 GHz for future rendering, it works CinebenchR15 2213
No6. OC / for boost 5.3 GHz for future rendering, it works CinebenchR15 2246
No7. OC / boost for 5.4 GHz for future rendering, it works CinebenchR15 2281
*No8. OC / boost 5.5 GHz for test my specs and if i need in future - and it works too 😉 CinebenchR15 2314
- all test with BIOS 1401 in dezember 2019 with intern GPU (i 9 9900ks) and AIO watercooling (3fan push & 3fan pull) --> now with my RTX and custom watercolling, it's possible to become better results - but i don't need to test it 😉
YES, my i9 9900ks works with 5.5GHz but i use this only for some test ( i have luck to buy this piece of jewelry-cpu)
If i need one of the save BIOS settings (look above), all my BIOS save settings start perfect and fast (3-5 sec. with BIOS 1604).
- if i change/flash my BIOS, it's normal to reset the BIOS to default and cmos . . .
Hasta la vista ASUS-forum

Maybe you need to reset Bios by remove CMOS battery

Level 9
Works fine for me. No issues.