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Boot issues after enabling XMP - Maximus X Code

Hi, ROG people!I upgraded my system last year to the following specs:Maximus X Codei7-8700K2 x 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 C16 for Intel 100 SeriesSamsung 970EVO (PCIE mode)I didn't bother to fine tune it in the first place so my RAM worked...

fknBear by Level 7
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Freezing and wont boot/POST

It's been fine for months but has started randomly freezing and then wont boot or POST - no signal to monitor. Motherboard is Maximus X CODE. All BIOS (version 1704) settings are optimized defaults. Some Q-Codes I've seen are:025562A0 According to G...

Maximus xi extreme WB_sensor plug name?

Hi,*I would like to use the wb_sensor slot. Since there is no dispenser with the sensors, I would like to use the slot itself. Professionals level 2 Asus employees in Germany have so much idea, they think this slot is for service! It is the same plug...

S3RIOU5 by Level 7
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Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) not showing on ASUS Aura software

Hey guys,I recently had purchased the ASUS Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) with an intel core i9 proc - and I'm trying to get ASUS Aura working so I can control the RGB lights on the mobo. When I launch the software, the only option it gives me on the top is...

Maximus XI Apex Monoblock

Just a quick heads up, Bitspower released monoblock for Apex: https://shop.bitspower.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=7234&search=MXIANews so fresh that they even don't have the picture yet, but it should look similar to this one - Extr...

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ROG z390 Gene XI DIMM.2 question.

Hi,I'm after some clarification on the PCIe lane configuration when using one M.2 drive in the DIMM.2 AIC. In the manual it states that if a M.2 drive is present in the DIMM.2 slot (DIMM. 2_1) the PCIe x16 slot will run at x8.Can you confirm if this ...

Flam3h by Level 7
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Asus rog maximus XI extreme bios setting

*1 When SATA56 is enabled, PCIE x 16_3 will run at x2 mode. *2 The DIMM.2 Slot (M.2_1/2) are disabled by default. Please adjust BIOS settings to enable DIMM.2 Slots.When DIMM.2 slot is enabled, PCIex16_1 will run at x8 mode. Please refer to BIOS manu...

Bayx01 by Level 7
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