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Asus Maximus XI Hero (Wifi) - W_PUMP+ setting fault

HelloI'm using Asus Maximus XI Hero - Wifi - Bios update to latest 0805. My custom loop using EK D5 - PWM, i connect to mobo with W_PUMP+.Btw i cant edit/change any value on Water pump control setting.

YuchiRO by Level 7
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Z390-i Strange BIOS Issue with Video

Hello, folks one of the rare times I actually need to post. So I currently have 5 different optane memory M.2 modules. All doing the same thing. When I first built my system about 6 months ago it was working flawlessly! I ask that you kindly read and...

ZombieLoad Microcode BIOS?

When is ASUS coming out with bios that contain the latest cpu microcode revisions that help patch against ZombieLoad? Lenovo just released their updated bios files 3 days ago.

8086k - Z370-i - 4000mhz Ram

Hi All,Im a new poster here, just set up the following rig :Intel Core i7 8086K @ 5.00GHz Delidded @1.2v - Asus ROG Z370 Strix - Trident Z 4000mhz CL19 2x16GB - NZXT MANTA BLACK/RED - PM961 1TB x 2 RAID 0 - Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti - Corsair H110 Pro - Cor...

ftln46 by Level 9
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ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming lost MB strix color

Today I discover that my MB and the attached strips are turned off.I don't remember if the problems are due to update of the bios, aura sw or AI Suite, but now I don't have no more light on.Only Video card and memory works.I already check the configu...

flacer by Level 7
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Addressable RGB header blocked by GPU

I recently built a new PC using a ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming motherboard and a ROG Strix RTX2080. When I installed the GPU, I noticed that due to its size, it blocked the motherboard ARGB header. I was not able to attach my case's RGB controller using...