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Sudden 20 degree jump in 1 core temp after BIOS Update?

So, In the Maximus XI thread, I have documented my woes and laid them beside several others while. After upgrading to the latest BIOS and then downgrading when it proved unstable, I'm now finding one core running 20 degrees hotter than other cores. I...

Jemsaal by Level 7
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Rog maximus xi extreme bios 1105

Hello guys, Ok i noticed my BIOS is very out of date and when i try to update it it says not bios file or some thing like that.I did a search and says about formating USB to FAT32 which i did i tried quick formate and the long formate and it still d...

Disabling SATA 1 if Using M.2_1??

Hi,I'm a newb here so please forgive my ignorance on this.I am using a Samsung NVMe SSD on slot M.2_1, which apparently you loose the use of SATA 1 when doing this.Do I have to go into the BIOS (under Advanced) and disable SATA 1 myself or is this au...

Issue getting into BIOS

Hello I'm having an issue getting into the BIOS on a new build. When turning on it doesn't recognize that I'm pressing DEL or F2, and then it hangs on American Megatrends screen, which says "please enter setup to recover BIOS setting" and "Press F1 t...

ExyoMKE by Level 7
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Maximus XI extreme: XMP issue on BIOS ver 1105

Dear all,I am having issues with XMP profiles on the latest BIOS version 1105 on my ROG Maximus Extreme.Previous version 1005 (and below) were OK.When enabling XMP (1 or 2), my RAM OC settings are properly detected, and I can save settings OK.But aft...

Eguun by Level 9
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New Asus Maximus XI ROG Hero Wifi Motherboard Questions

New Asus Maximus XI ROG Hero Wifi Motherboard z3901. Upon initial boot up (plug in power supply cable) the computer reboots upon me pressing the power on button, like a double post. Is this normal? I have updated the bios.2. Upon booting up the c...

Maximus X Hero NVMe bandwidth.

Hi, I recently got a NVMe and i'm really enjoying it. It's plugged into the slot by the CPU and set to PCI-E in the bios for maximum speed.My question is does my motherboard support full speed on both of the M.2 slots? I would like to add another NVm...

Z370 Maximus Hero X Wifi me fw help

I currently have a Maximus Hero X wifi that I updated the me fw to the current fw that is on this site and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me flash back the original me fw that came with bios 1704.

maximus xi hero -i5-9600k & xmp trouble

maximus xi hero wifi ,i5-9600k . i enabled xmp in bios , & overclocked in windows with Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility V6.4.1.205, i tried defaults in ixtu, to go back to cpu defaults but with no luck , cpu stays at 43x all cores ,will not go any hig...

Puter by Level 7
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