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FAN ports on the STRIX Z390-E

Hi.i'm building a new PC rn using the STRIX Z390-Ei'm watercooling my build using an DDC pump from EK-Waterblocks (the EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite to be exact) and wanted to ask if it's save to plug it into the W_PUMP+ port because the port is stated i...

sellXD by Level 7
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After latest bios update xi formula gpu issue

So after updating mine gpu started to show artifact colorful screen all pink or green or it hangs when booting up The pink issue is when i go to change screen settings on desktop goes to normal And i found out that now onboard gpu also show now that ...

Gofran by Level 8
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MeUpdateTool question

Hi,On Asus web page there is new MEUpdateTool There is also an info that "We suggest you update ME Driver to the latest Version simultaneously". Where can I download ME Driver from? The last one I can find is ...

cniedzi by Level 8
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Rog Strix Z370 ix Gaming VRM temp Monitoring.

I’m currently overclocking my 8086K @ 5.1GHz and would like to know what are the max vrm temps Are on this motherboard rated at.I’m wondering If I’m monitoring the correct sensor In hwinfo named VR VCC Temperature (SVID) which is *idling at 71C and r...

Vangry by Level 7
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Maximus X Hero (WIFI) random micro freezes

Hi, I've been experiencing random micro freezes since the first day of setup.It happens randomly, but as far as I have noticed, it mostly happens when I've been working with an application for a few minutes and then open another application.Then the ...

alierror by Level 7
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MemOk Training in Relation to XMP

Just got back into the system build game after a six year hiatus. Catching up now on all the new technology and doing pretty well so far.I always work with system defaults until I’m sure everything is working correctly before starting to overclock an...

ran out of usb 2,0 headers

rog maximus xi hero wi-fii dont want to use a hub like nzxt ,i even called them & they had reports that in some systems it blew the motherboard , so this is why, i was looking for a pci-e board that has 2 or 3 ,9 pin male usb 2.0 headers , , would a...

Puter by Level 7
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I Bid Adieu !!

Guys....sadly I must say...I moving on...I am happy to say that it was a pleasure to partake and have a voice in this forum that was able to provide some knowledge and support for those that were in need....I've made some friends through the forum vi...

Realbench 2.56 - instability detected first time

Hi my pc.9900K stock2x16GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz XMPCorsair 850RmXAsus Prime Z390-AGigabyte Aorus 2080 Ti Waterforce stockRealbench always was passing. Today i run for no reason to check temps again , Realbench 2.56 and after 6 minutes it exited and sa...