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Asus z390 extreme

Hi I have motherbord asus extrem z390 and costom loop ekwb EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB PWM The pump is working but I can't see the pump speed on motherbord water pump 1 and water pump 2 with asus suit or hwinfo64 and bios I changed the location of th...

Which is the most stable bios for xi hero?

Hi all I am wondering that i am using now 0805 bios for my ASUS Maximus Hero XI. But i am having problems with irst driver. I dont know if its bios or driver problem. Anyone can tell me which one is the most stable bios for this mobo? Regards,Janos

Replacement Z390P and New i7-9700 CPU: Still Having Problems!

I RMA'd the original motherboard and CPU, as the system would not stay powered on.The new motherboard and CPU arrived and I'm making small progress but now having display problems.The system will at least power on and stay on. But I cannot see my BIO...

Basspig by Level 7
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Z370-G (wifi) no hdmi output

Hello everyone and many thanks in advance for reading this and thinking whatever thought about my predicament...and if you respond, thanks A LOT!!!I just built this pc (there is no OS yet) and it seems to start up but I can't tell what is happening b...

katmad by Level 7
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Maximus XI Formula - What is the point of the NODE connector?

I happen to have the Forumla and the Rampage Omega. I had no use for the Fan Extension Card 2 on the Omega, so I decided to give it a go with the Maximus. After all, both boards have the new NODE connector, as does the extension card. You know what h...

axiumone by Level 11
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Maximus XI formula m.2 and sound issues

Hi all, I just put together my new build and and am having 2 issues, no sound from speaker ( thinking its them, and m.2 is not showing up in windows 10. so the build is the maximus XI Formula, I9 9900k, asus 2080 super advanced. So long storey, kinda...

Heebus by Level 7
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Z390-H Gaming - How to restore performance

Hi all,What BIOS should I be running for the best performance without all the side channel and other mitigations? Also is there other patches/microcode in Win10 I should remove, or other steps to take? I just game on this rig so I'm more worried abou...