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New build no power on

I did a new build with A Maximus XI Extreme, i9-9900k, 64GB RAM and a Corsair AX1600i PSU. When I turn on PSU the motherboard's RGB lighting comes on, the status window does not light and the computer will not power on. All connections have been chec...

z390a Stuck on dram/ no display

Hi! I just put together my first build and I get no display to my monitor. The qled on my motherboard is stuck on dram with a constant yellow light. I've tried different ram and tried all possible slot combinations but no dice. I've also checked all ...

Z390 Strix-I Gaming | Won't Post With Two Dimms (4133Mhz)

Hello,I recently started a mini-itx build, using the Z390 Strix-I Gaming moterboard and 2 x 8GB G.Skill Trident Z 4133Mhz Dimms (F4-4133C19D-16GTZR) but the system will not POST with both dimm slots populated. The dimm led on the motherboard is illu...

irishj by Level 7
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Need help - Maximus XI Gene

I have just received my new Maximus XI Gene, and trying to start it... something is wrong: I am getting a Q-code 00, fans spin up, but nothing else...:(Components:CPU-9900kRAM-Ripjaws V 32 GB, 3200MHZ, CL 14GPU-Nvidia RTX 2080TI, FEPSU-Seasonic Prime...

Zka17 by Level 16
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Flickering Textures while gaming

Hi All ! In short i would like to ask if anyone experience any texture flickering while in game? (please see video) *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zje9T2kWFA&feature=share * I replaced the following without been able to solve the problem 1. Power...

PanosCy by Level 7
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Maximus Z390 Hero xI Memory Question

I have a memory question . Just picked up this board and a I7 9700k with Ballistix Sport ddr4-3200 Grey in color, not the LT versionIs this a good memory choice ? It's running 3400mhz at 1.360 voltsThanks guys!

what is vip.asus.com?

Hi people,What is vip.asus.com? is it what i must type in edge to access my asus account? I have a drivers download page starting with vip.asus.com url in my asus account is it where i can download the bios files for my rog strix z370-h gaming?Thank...

ArnoldT by Level 7
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usb driver win7 64bit

hey folks,after many years of pc building i purchased my first asus mobo nice thing !but neither the cd nor the asus homepage can give me the right driver for my usb ports on win7 64bitso the ports are completly out of control even though i have 2 u...

eXecii by Level 7
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XI GENE availability

Which continents are not getting XI GENE? I'm in US and also have a Canadian friend looking for info.