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ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME when bios for 9900ks ?

When will be the new bios released?Which already is out for the hero..The main interesst for me is: the new bios has a bettter ram compatibilty and i need this for my 32gb 4.133mhz 17-17-37 KitOn the hero i got the 4000mhz cl17 kit which dont boot ab...

Mappi75 by Level 8
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PWM Fans and Q-Fan configuration

Hi,Maximus XI Hero here:) Should the PWM chassis fans be automatically detected as PWM when set to Auto in BIOS? My chassis Noctua's PWMs were detected as DC and I had manually set them to PWM (CPU PWMs are correctly detected as PWM).Is Q-Fan step u...

cniedzi by Level 8
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Maximus XI Hero hard lock

I am not sure if my motherboard is the problem, as I had to purchase new memory and CPU at the same time. The other possible fault may be the onboard sound.I get hours and days at a time of flawless performance. However, occasionally I get a hard l...

Question about Transient Response (to Shamino and Raja).

Hi Shamino (and Raja), I know you're very busy and may not have enough time, but I hope I can borrow you for a few minutes.You wrote a post about MCE and AVX offsets and guardband voltage range(?) and then mentioned something about transient response...

z370f and Sonic Studio III/Firefox issue

Hello,I already installed the newest driver that was published today and I thought it's going to fix this, but the problem still exists.I have Sonic Studio III and I'm using Firefox and the problem is that im losing my audio option's all the time. Wh...

dyymeek by Level 7
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Z390-E GAMING RAM Advice needed

Hello everyone !I really need some advice on 16 GB RAM for my PC. I am looking to buy G skill 4000 cl17, but found few reviews people saying that it doesn't work (F4-4000C17D-16GTZR)So, I found a new set F4-3200C14D-16gtzr, but it seems only non rgb ...

DM039 by Level 7
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Gene MB issues, please help

I've changed the MB to Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene for my build and there are some issues:1. The fan controller software isn't changing the speeds of the fans. All fans are Noctua, each MB connector has two fans attached via splitter and each fan's spee...