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ROG Z390 Gaming E problem

Hello, new here so if i post in wrong section please move it to where it belongs.Have purchased MB from title for my kids, build system, win etc, all was fine. After install and run of Asus AI Suite 3 and intelligent overclock, i can't access BIOS an...

vule1972 by Level 8
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ROG MAXIMUS X CODE bios problem

Product Model: ROG MAXIMUS X CODEOperating System / Firmware or BIOS Version: Windows 10 Pro / BIOS Version 2003Hello, Someone else met this problem?Artifacts while initializing bios at computer startup.The problem was also investigated by the intel...

Asus ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO(Wi-Fi) won't boot

I today got mine MAXIMUS XI HERO for my i9 9900k and when started it it told me there is no CPU fan installed(I am using watercooling kit) and then it just shut itself down. Now I can't get it posted.I am getting q code 45. I try'd switching sticks(e...

Z390-A Suddenly STOPPED

No other way to describe it.I was doing a system image backup in Windows 10 Pro. I had WinAMP playing music. Noticed it was gapping or pausing every few seconds, which this system never did before. Playing audio was never a problem.Then while I was o...

Basspig by Level 7
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CPU FLuctuating Frequency

Hi all, abut a month ago I built a new pc, Maximus XI Formula with an I9 9900k, and set it to run @ 4.7, it ran smooth and no issue, but it seemed to fluctuate (on oled screen) from 4.67 to 4.73 ish, but stable. I tend to only use my gaming pc on wee...

Heebus by Level 7
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Chipset Drivers not on Website

Is the chipset Driver not anymore on the Asus Driver SIte? When i look under Maximus XI Extreme under Chipset there are only the Management Drivers from Intel. In the past there was a single Chipset Driver. Isn´t hat need anymore?

Chipset Question?

How do I install this chipset driver, Ver 1914.12.0.1256. It is the newest one on my mobo website (ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI).I run the asus setup and nothing happens??? I check the driver verison in device manager and it shows a old driver version?...