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ROG Maximus X Bios Flashback Question

Hi to everyone,I recently updated to the latest bios 2203 for my Maximus X Code and i want to rollback to previous bios 2102.Bios 2203 updated me firmware as well which is not reversible without a modded bios and I know how to use the bios flashback...

kens30 by Level 11
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9900KS & Maximus XI Extreme & RAM OC = kills Memory Write

Hireplaced my 9900K with the 9900KS did a Bios reset and a Bios Flashback with the same bios,because this combo shows a strange behavior.Every time i want to run the memory with 4000+ Mhz (32GB G.Skill 4.133 17-17-37 Kit),the Mobo did sometimes boot ...

Mappi75 by Level 8
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Internal usb Ryujin 360 / Maximus XI Hero

Hello guys, today I come seeking for some enlightening. Here's the deal: as a good ASUS fanboy, I got a Maximus XI Hero mobo and a Ryujin 360 aio. TLDR: The Ryujin won't aura sync, it goes to its own profile or use the settings I set for the screen, ...

How can I confirm I have "true" 5.1?

So I have a logitech 5.1 surround system, and the maximus x code. Do I need to be using the optical output on the motherboard to get true 5.1 surround? I can see all the speakers in the realtek audio console and click to each and they correctly test ...


Just put this computer together after my VII Hero died.Seems Im having terrible performance and don't know why. Using an Maximus XI Hero Wifi, i7 9700K, 2 1080 Ti and 16GB DDR4 3200MHZ G.Skill Tridentz.I've... Redid windows twice. Reinstalled 1302 bi...

I'm going crazy, I think I broke my USB port(s) somehow.

I don't know anymore. Been at this for a week now.First of all, I noticed my pc boot time wasn't amazing. In task manager my bios time was around 22 seconds every time.My windows boot time is great, about 2 seconds after the bios is done, windows is ...

Problems on warm boot with Maximux XI Code

Configuration:- Maximus XI Code, BIOS 1302 (9/02/19)- CPU i9-9900k- GPU EVGA RTX 2080- 4x16GB Micron Balistix- Power supply EVGA 1000 G3- Monitor connected via DisplayPort (but also tried USB-C)Problem: system boots normally after a power up. But whe...

9900 ks + asus x - hero Z-370 WIfi compadbilty

i have the asus x hero wifi z 370 + newest bios 2103 that has intel new cpu compatibility is it going to to work and be plug and play with this new bios ? i have a 9900 ks i just ordered from new egg .ca Canada for 749 $ it will be here tomor...