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LED Strips on Z390e

Hi, im just wondering what would happen if i installed LED strips that is more than 120 LED or more than 3 meters to a single LED header? Please advise

miau18 by Level 7
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Z370-E Gaming Motherboard Issue

Hello,I have recently owned this mobo for around 3 months now without any issues. I honestly have no idea if it is the motherboard or something that is conflicting within my PC. I recently restarted my PC and now I am having internet connection stabi...

Narrly by Level 7
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ASUS maximus hero XI randomly boot to bios some time

Hi there I need help with my pc I have been geting a big with my ASUS Maximus hero xI when I boot my pc. The problem is some time it doesn’t boot in properly i have a clip here when it dos ithttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADlOl_w1Fdc&feature=share...

PC Will Restart Instead of Shutting Down Occasionally

I upgraded my motherboard from a Maximus VIII Hero Alpha with an i7-6700K to a Maximus XI Hero Wi-Fi with an i9-9900K (both brand new) about two weeks ago. Ever since then, when I shutdown from Windows, the PC will restart instead of shutdown. It hap...

Fudien by Level 7
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Storage bandwidth sharing?

Been looking at some Z390 mobos and many of them share bandwidth between the M.2 and SATA storage ports.Some disable certain SATA ports when certain M.2 ports are plugged in.Is this true for these boards:https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z3...

martixy by Level 7
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9900 ks + Asus X - hero Z-370 WIfi Results

Asus X hero Z-370 wifi owner + 9900 ks just installed on latest bios 2103 and everything seems fine 5 ghz all core load line level 6 cache @ 4.7 ghz vcore = 1.28 v manual ram @ 16 gb 4000 mhz cl-17 all power limits / ia dc load lines maxed ...


hi guy i need some help pls i have a Auros 2080super which i have in the top slot but in gpuz it says it is running at PCIe x16 3.0 @ 81.1 is this correct? should it not be 16

wolfy by Level 8
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Maximus XI Hero WiFi shut down issue?

Evening folks,I have a bit of an issue with my board - I purchased it a year ago, along with the 9900k and some RAM.The issue I'm having is that whenever I power down the machine, or it restarts due to updates (be it drivers or windows, or whatever t...

iCoNo87 by Level 7
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