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MEUpdate Tool?

How do I install this firmware?? MEUpdate Tool Version our the correct steps to install this firmware. Thanks in advance.

Win10 short freezes. New 9900K+Asus Strix z390-E bios 0702

UPDATE... Kombustor v4 glitches with 4xCPUs threads... on a different computer... need to look more for a reproducible fail....===============System always has intermittent short freezes under heavy load. Reproducible using Kombustor and running 32 ...

eth100 by Level 7
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Maximus XI Formula 9900ks confused about ram

Hello there,im currently building a new system and im not able to find the right ram.i want to get GSkill Trident Z RGB quad Kit 4*8GB B-Die and i want to get best performance in timing and speed of course (money dosent matter).there are alot of GSki...

new 2102 bios doesn't seem as stable as 2003.

i recently updated my asus z370 maximus x code to the 2102 bios and oc'd everything and it just didn't seem to be as stable. i tried to keep the settings all the same between the 2 bios but i may have missed something. i flashed it back to 2003 and u...

Audio tick sound on Z390f

Hi AllI have a Z390F and when watching video, playing games or music i get an random audible tic sound in the background. Maybe 10 or so times per song.It's not loud bet enough that i can hear it.It sounds like a static shorting out tick/pop. I hav...

maximus xi hero wifi bios 1401 - usb-drive detection problem

Hi,the bios does not recognize a bootable usb stick at any of the USB ports connected to the mobo (e.g. U31G2_2).It is only recognized by the USB BIOS flashback socket.but it worked before the bios update (e.g. U31G2_2).does anyone have an idea?Thank...

bso1952 by Level 7
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Problem with a new board

(New to me anyway) I bought a second-hand MXI Extreme thru EB, and on my bench, it seems normal in BIOS, recognizes my sata ssd drive w/W10 and mouse/keyboard, but when booting W10, I get to the scenic page and the cursor doesn't appear. Q code A0. ...

hdtvnut by Level 7
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