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Maximus XI Gene + multiple M.2 (via PCH) / PCIe lanes impact?

I'm currently on a Z390i and want a bit more expansion / love the OC-centric features of the Gene. I have a question about using more than 2 NVME via the PCH / any impact on PCIe lanes (primarily to the x16). Yes, I read the marketing text and RTFM -...

Maximus XI Gene Question !!!

After the Apex z390 build not hapening * i decided to get a Gene XI motherboard and put all the gear i got for the Apex on it but i have come to a stop .2 items i have maybe incobatible Ram and CPU . First item RAMS : G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4-360...

Sonic Studio 3 and Nvidia HDMI Audio

Hello,i have activated the effects inside Sonic Studio 3 for the Rog Strix 2080 ti White HDMI out.My AVR is connected via HDMI out and i do use 5.1 Audio.After activating the effects i do have no Sound anymore. Even Windows test Sound dosent work any...

Strix Z370-H BIOS Rollback

Hello,I have a question regarding BIOS. Something went awry with my system recently. A little background - I do a lot of audio transcoding and recently the speed at which it encodes has halfed or worse at times. It's always run at around 495-500x con...

sagerj by Level 7
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ASUS Z390-E Won't Boot After BIOS Update

Hey all,I just tried to update my BIOS on my ASUS Z390-E motherboard, and now can't boot back into Windows. I tried resetting my BIOS settings back to default and cleared CMOS (left battery out ~15 minutes.)When I initially try to boot up, it appears...

MAXIMUS X HERO. Can't select IDE mode of the SATA controller.

Previously, there was such an option, but after updating BIOS on 2203 it disappeared, now there is only AHCI and Intel RST. I have a boot disk that only works normally in IDE mode. I can boot, but it will work slowly and only IDE mode changes the si...

booya by Level 7
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ROG Z390-F auto wake up of the fans

Hi, I have a strange and annoying problem that I was unable to solve.I have read many forums on Win10, but no suggestions have solved the problem.I hope to find here some ideas.I use the PC for work, no games, no overclocking.I have disabled anything...

Rombo by Level 7
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