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tuf z390-plus gaming boot problem

Hello,my motherboard can't boot when there is a ram stick connected to memory A channel. I tried lots of different ram stick. I simply don't understand because i haven't overtightened the screws of the ventirad and i checked for bent pins on the cp...

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Having ROG Z390-E PCIe issues here.

I have been working on this for weeks and am about to the end of my rope.My first two PCIe x16 slots just stopped detecting any video card in them. When I plugged in to onboard, I was able to confirm that nothing was being detected.I could get an ol...

Formula X- W Pump+ Header for D5 pump, custom loop?

Ive heard that it used to be mandatory to plug a fan into the CPU FAN header in order for the system to boot, is this still true with modern motherboards?Im in the process of installing all my watercooling parts, and noticed my Formula X has quite a ...

boot to pci-e

how do i enable to Have the BIOS post to the PCI-e slot. for some reason that setting got knoced off

Maximus X Code USB 2.0 Front Panel Header Port Died

One of the two USB 2.0 ports on the front panel header appears to have died after I plugged in a USB stick. BIOS post doesn't seem to recognize anything is plugged into it anymore, so it's not a software issue. I've updated my BIOS from 1704 to 2203 ...

Z390 BIOS settings question

I have an ASUS Z390-I mainboard with one M.2 NVMe SSD installed to M.2_1 and CSM Mode disabled.I use the Samsung NVMe Driver with Win10 anythink works fine.In the BIOS settings is the option "AMI Native NVMe Driver Support" enabled by default, what d...

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Livedash and water flow

Hi, I was wondering if the water flow readout would be shown in RPM from the flow meter or it would be converted and shown in L/min on the motherboard OLED display? I'd love to know so I can tell if it's worth it to get a Barrowch flow meter with bui...

Samsung S9 access with USB-C port

I am having an odd issue when connecting my Samsung S9 to the 3.1 (type c) port on my Maximus XI Extreme. If I connect the phone no any other port, I am able to browse and access all the files stored on the SD card. If I try this with the 3.1 (type...

Audio crackling and popping.

Several users I have come across in my searches as well as myself are experiencing audio crackling and popping with Z390 motherboards. This includes from the motherboard sound card as well as dedicated Asus and Sound Blaster sound cards. We have trou...