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Strix Z370e - LEDs not working

Hi, The LEDs for my Strix Z370e are not working, I've tried everything, and it doesn't seem to be a hardware as everything is properly connected in fact, the motherboard leds are being recognized by Aura, this forum won't let me upload the foto, but ...

Can't get Z390-E to boot from USB stick

Hi all.I'm trying to get my board to boot from a USB stick that contains recovery media for Macrium Reflect backup (I'm testing the recovery media). Hitting F8 at the ASUS logo takes me to the boot device selection screen, but the USB stick is not li...

HGnDC by Level 7
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CPU staying locked in turbo (x45), not downclocking when idle

Hello all, I am having an issue where the CPU 9700F is not downclocking when idle. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have the balanced power profile selected in windows. Most of the BIOS settings are on auto for CPU. Not sure...

MDG73 by Level 7
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Newest bios update on Maximus x formula broke LiveDash

Anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this? *I’ve removed it and tried several versions with no luck. *Either opens but nothing will change on the screen, or opens with an error “no Asus device found” or some such.*Meanwhile aura is working fine...

Maximus X Hero Ethernet dropping connection

Hi guys, in the past couple of months, my on-board ethernet has been dropping the connection to my switch/router, which I've verified by pinging, as well as observing that the ethernet light on my switch port turns off during periods of d...

First cold boot always fails

I am using the latest UEFI with default settings, except for setting XMP.After setting XMP, the first cold boot always fails. Then, at second cold boot everything is just fine.So I disabled the XMP option, setting the DRAM speed, voltage and timings ...

New Z390-i Rog Strix, M.2 heatsink screws will not come off!

I'm using the same screwdriver that worked for the same screws on my broken Z370-i, and that also worked to install an SSD on the back, but the ones on the front M.2 heatsink are literally sealed / glued down and they won't come off. One of them has ...

bhavvv by Level 7
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Strange problem

Hi i dont know if this is related to the new bios , but after i have installed 1502 my computer just turns itself on i have no idea of when it does it as my computer is upstairs in my office, but i turn my computer off as i allways have , but later w...

wolfy by Level 8
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Hero X WiFi - which ASMedia Firmware and drivers?

I have ASUS Z370 Hero X WiFi AC motherboard with the latest BIOS 2301 and Windows 10 x64 LTSC. How can I find out:1. Which ASMedia USB Controller my motherboard has?2. What are the latest drivers for my motherboard's ASMedia USB Controller? Where can...

Settings Export and Import do not work

I noticed that saving my OC Profile, then exporting it as either CMO or TXT file does not work if I reset BIOS settings to default and then try to restore from those profiles. Does anyone know why?