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Z390-E won't wake after idle.

Hi, I've read many reports of people having trouble waking up their computers from hibernate and sleep mode , but couldn't find any solution , and my case is a bit odd:When I leave my computer (Z390-E, i9 9900K) with nothing to do, the power led w...

MorphoV by Level 7
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System Firmware in Device Manager

Is this what it should read? Shouldn't it read Firmware > AsusTek or something like that?Did I miss any drivers or something?EDIT: On the Asus Rog strix Z490-I with 10900K

Boot time on Maximus XI Hero / 9900kl

Hi,I went back to an Asus Motherboard since two days (maximus hero XI) and I notice that my boot time is longer than I was used to before on an aorus master. 16seconds vs 10seconds. I know, it's not a big deal at all but i wanted to know how I can im...

Asryan by Level 9
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Z490 No PWM Control on my DDC 3.2 PWM Water pump

I have No PWM Control on my DDC 3.2 PWM Water pump, using the PWM Water pump header. Currently stuck at 100% tried all other headers but it does the same. I have tried setting the upper , mid and lower temp and speed rating in the bios but it seems ...

USERMAC by Level 7
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Maximus Formula xii temperatures

Hi all, I have a new build, however my temps are quite higher. So just wanted to post and ask if these are something to worry about.Maximus Formula XII bios 0607Case: H500M (2 front 200mm, rear 140, fractal celsius s36 blowing down (only way to fit)C...

Ram problems

I have a 9900k, maximus xi hero, and 32gb of Corsair LPX DDR4 3200.I have been using XMP since I built the machine without a hitch.One month ago I noticed that the computer started retraining my ram almost every time I would turn the computer on.This...

Brand new Maximus XII Apex won't shut down with windows

Hey Guys,I was posting this to see if anyone has any thoughts on it. I loaded up my new Maximus XII Apex today and got it setup and running well. Easy as always. I go to shut down the machine via windows and boom problem. Windows will shut down. ...

1mluer by Level 11
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Z490-E Wake Up with Keyboard

Recently I have bought the z490-E and I have the Claymore core keyboard. How I can wake up the PC with the keyboard, I can´t find the option in the BIOS (0607).

vicho86 by Level 7
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