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Maximus XI BIOS 1602 downloads

ROG MAXIMUS XI BIOS 1602 8.17 MBytes- Improve system stability- Update Microcode and ME firmware for Intel security issueBefore running the USB BIOS Flashback tool, please rename the BIOS file to M11x.CAP either manually or using BIOSRenamer.exe that...

Maximus XI Formula - keyboard not detected at BIOS level

Keyboard and mouse receive momentary power upon system power on and then don’t receive any further power until the OS is loaded (I see the mouse laser led blink on for a second). Keyboard and mouse do not work at the BIOS level but work when Windows ...

Enable Hyper M.2 setting on Maximus X Hero

Hello everyone,I have a Hyper m.2 X16 V2 card that I would like to use with a Maximus X Hero (Non-Wifi) motherboard.According to the support page for that card, I should be able to use 2 drives on the 2nd PCIe slot on that motherboard.https://www.asu...

Strix Z490 Gaming-E board GPU running at 4x??

Just noticed while looking at some settings in BIOS that it's reporting my GPU is running at x4 rather than x16. I've verified this with GPU-Z however the performance I'm getting is what I'd expect at x16. Here are the full details:BIOS: 0607 (curren...

Exigeous by Level 7
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Which XMP Profile is better (see settings are in post)

I answered my own question. See belowIf both XMP profiles are stable, then which one would be the best.Here are my specs:RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 128 GB kit DDR4-3200 (32GB X 4)Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus XI Extreme (Z390)CPU: Intel Core i9 9...

asus mem tweak it app z390 xi code not working ?

i have asus xi code z390 latest bios 1602 and i heard changing the memory timing setting named PPD and TXP nets 1 - 2.5 ns lower i cant find this in the bios and people say there changing it with asus mem tweak it , . when i open asus mem tweak it...

[SOLVED]STRIX z390-E Gaming PCIEX16_1 @x4

Today I flashed to newer BIOS, but to be honest I have no idea if the problem was before or not. Anyway I discovered that my 1080 GTX card is working at X4 speed instead of x16 on PCIEX16_1 port.I have no other PCIE card installed, only two M.2 Disks...

Sathorn by Level 7
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Motherboard Gene XI BIOS 1502 boot issue

Hi all, I'm quite new to this whole BIOS thingie, but I downloaded the new one and now the PC wont boot correctly, it comes to a "run into a problem we will resart your pc" windows error 0000001. Recovrery don't do anything it just flickers, as if th...

Wolffe by Level 7
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