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Most bang for the buck RAM for overclocking an 8700K

Hello,After having had my Z370 Taichi and my one out of two Vengeance RAM sticks die on me, I recently bought a Maximus X Formula and an EVGA Supernova 1600 P2 to go along my (delided) 8700K, GALAX HOF 1080ti LAB EDITION. CPU, GPU and mobo are waterc...

RothFTP by Level 7
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How to disable mobo lighting when computer is off/sleep

I have a ROG Maximus Hero XII Z490. And whenever I put the machine to sleep or shutdown, the lights on my Corsair RGB Memory and the Start/Flex key button lights are on. How do I have all lights off when my machine is shutdown and or in sleep mode?

Sooshi by Level 7
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z390-h new bios

Version 28042020/05/20ROG STRIX Z390-H GAMING BIOS 2804Improve system’s stabilitydid anyone try this one out yet?


There's a new BIOS version 2301 available for both non-WiFi and WiFi models:*Improved system performance *Update CPU microcode for security issue.The new microcode version is CC (previously was B4).I updated and my Asus 10GbE networking PCIe card see...

reupens by Level 7
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Z490 - Unknown PCI Device Driver Missing

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post- I'm at a dead end and cannot figure this out.SYSTEM - ROG Strix z490-E Gaming - i7 10700k - Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super (Gaming OC)I recently swapped my motherboard from a MSI z490 board to the ASUS ROG Strix...

PugWoof by Level 7
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W_Pump Settings Keep Changing

So i have my Ek pump plugged into the W_Pump Header on Maximus XII Hero board and i set it up on the bios,But it keeps reverting back to 100%When i look on Dual Intelligent ROG Software the pump profile line matches the bios settings, but the pump di...

ASUS Z390 gaming-i is terrible

I got this motherboard, because low dpc latency and it is good for gaming. I couldn't wonder more, i/o shield is so massive, that it blocks pci-e slot, which like wtf. And largest gpu you can fit is - 1060, wtf this is expensive gaming motherboard......

empleat by Level 8
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Strix z490-e gaming lan issues i225-v

As you can see in the above picture if it actually took if not I will fix it. The top of the pic is when fresh driver update the bottom one is with rolled back driver. I have no issues 99% of the time with this driver compared to constant...