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Problems with Armoury Crate after BIOS Update

Hi Folks,This is my first posting here at the Asus ROG forums. I have a Asus ROG-STRIX-Z390-H-GAMING Motherboard with the latest BIOS 2808 installed. Prior to this I had the Armoury Crate software installed on my iBuyPower PC and it mostly worked. Si...

ErP Settings/ power cycle issue on boot up

Hey all, new here in the forums. I recently had some upgrades done on my PC. I have a I9 9900k on my ASUS ROG Maximus XI Extreme. I am using a Corsair AX1200I PSU.The question I have is about the ErP settings. There are 3 settings, disabled, (S4+S5) ...

Z-390 XI CODE new bios 1602

Has anyone tried this yet bios 1602 released yesterday ? Bios 1502 vs 1400 let me over clock ram 4133 to 4266. Wonder if this bios is even better ?

Why is secure boot causing huge input lag?

I knew about this long time, it is causing huge input lag and same i found on the internet. I yesterday tuned this off and i was winning everything. Yet when i enable it, mouse is responding slowly and i can't aim! Secure boot is feature, that doesn'...

empleat by Level 10
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Intel DAL is enabling IP helper service!

Hello,i have a problem. I installed Intel Management Engine drivers and i have useless service - Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface service. I did some research and not sure, but it should be aimed for companies. I tried to disable th...

empleat by Level 10
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Strix Z490 Gaming-E BIOS only showing 2 PCIe x16 slots?

I have a friend with the exact same board and his BIOS also only shows 2 PCIe x16 slots in BIOS but another friend with the A revision of the board (z490 Gaming-A) shows all 3. His board doesn't have built in WiFi but rather an M.2 Wifi slot (that he...

ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) BIOS 1602 Update Problem

I just did an upgrade to the 1602 BIOS and when it came back up, the machine won't boot to my M.2_2 Drive. I figure there must just be some BIOS setting that I can't remember, but I can't seem to find anything that will bring this machine back up to ...

ameade by Level 7
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USB disconnects, possibly tied to using internal graphics

Recently I started getting weird USB disconnects for most devices across all USB ports, i.e. no change if I moved the devices.The only change I know I made is that I turned on the internal graphics and made sure normal desktop apps were using it.I ha...

Z370-I Problem - Not booting

Hello all,Couple of weeks ago my AIO (Be Quiet Silent Loop 120mm) died and I had to wait for a new replacement AIO from the shop where I bought it.Today I received a new AIO (Corsair H80i V2) and installed everything perfectly like the manual said.Ho...

s4nt0s by Level 7
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