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Maximus XI Hero, no 5.1 Surround in Win11

This was my CAD station for years.  It's OC'd and runs very well, CAD hardware got upgraded and today the XI became my Daily Driver which is hooked to the Stereo system via digital SPDIF.The system it replaced was also an Asus/Realtek (about 6-7yrs o...

Request help with motherboard and memory Extender !

Dear reader, please help me !I have Asus Rog Maximus XI Code, Core I9 9900KS, 32 GB Hyper X 4000ghz, Asus RTX 3080 OC 10 GB, and today i bought theHyper m.2 x 4x 16 card Extender.So my issue is - I bought 2x ssd samsung evo 970 for 2 tb (4 tb in tota...

Bluetooth suddenly stopped working

I have a ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING that I've been running for just over a year. It's always worked great. Then suddenly this morning the Bluetooth stopped working.It was working yesterday, but now the BT icon is gone from the tray, and when I go into B...

All USB ports not working after restart (Strix-e)

I installed microsoft VC redist 2008 edition trying to get a program to work it prompted me to restart the pc, on boot all USB devices ceased functioning, I am unable to enter the bios or do anything at all with the computer, I went and bought a PCI ...

Any way to disable NVME in BIOS ?

This is really annoying, what if you want to isolate 2 systems and you can't disable NVME? Is someone doing anything to fix this?! It is really important, to be able to do that and pretty basic feature. Or what if you go to online bank, you want to d...

empleat by Level 10
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Help configure slow 990 pro 4tb on Maximus XI Extreme

Help mates, Had to replace my m.2 nvme (1tb970Evo) with a newer 4tb 990 Pro,B U T getting real slow speeds (compared to the old 970.According to Samsung MagicianSequential Read 2997 MB/sSequential Write 2908 MB/s So I need your help configuring the n...

Asus Hero X Z370 Windows 11 Audio Driver

Can someone tell me where I can get the sound drivers for Windows 11 for the board. But I always have trouble with the standard Windows drivers.

dax99 by Level 7
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