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[FIRMWARE] Intel ME (B360/H370/Z390)

Hi everyone,- Intel ME Consumer Firmware : Firmware : [29/05/2022]Firmware PMC : 300.2.11.1025 [06/02/2020]Download : Link Check/Update Process :Check current version : Right click on "Check.cmd" > Run as administratorInstall/Update : Ri...

MoKiChU by Level 18
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Asus Rog Stix Z390 E-Gamer PCIe Lanes bei Grafikkarte nur x4

Hallo habe das oben genannte Bord mit einer Asus RTX 2080 Super Grafikkarte.Dazu 2x M2 SSDs und 2 SATA SSDsWarum bekomme ich nur x4 Lanes bei der Grafikkarte müsste es nicht wessen X8 sein weil sich der PCI-E Steckplatz 16-1 sich die 16 Lanes mit der...

WZZDoro by Level 7
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Accidently "broke" off M.2 standoff from motherboard.

Hi. I was recently uninstalling one of my M.2 drives from my Maximus X Hero and when I used the hex screw driver to remove the standoff I ended up removing the "base" standoff.It's that little hex "nut" that sits on the motherboard itself that allows...

Youtube sound gets significantly louder all of the sudden

This happens longest time, i doubt it is windows. Could it be soundcard perhaps? I have ASUS z390-i gaming. I can't test other drivers, as I can't switch audio output and last time installing back my previous drivers there was problem with that too a...

empleat by Level 8
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Sonic Studio 3 does not work

HelloI have a problem motherboard ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO (WIFI) with the sound after turning on the Sonic Studio 3 sound effects in the realtek console. Sound stops working on speakers. After selecting the option turn off all sound effects, the so...

New bios when?

The last few bios updates have been unstable (blue screens) or just dont post with XMP. Does anyone think we'll ever get a new update at this point or is it safe to say asus canned this board.

Help me OC my 8700k to 5ghz for a noob

Here is my build below. I would like to see 5ghz. I have tried, and seen them core temps hit 100c with maximum heat test of prime95, and backed off. That was when I tried 1.35v and watching a youtube video discussed here before with settings. I am ru...

[Z490-I] Turn-off audio jack LEDs

Hi all,I just bought a Z490-I motherboard and I'm very happy of it but I don't managed to turn-off audio jack LEDs located behind the MB (see picture)I'm using my monitor's sound output hence it's projecting a big halo on the wallI've searched in t...

Tolman by Level 7
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