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ASUS Z490 Motherboards PCIe 4.0 Support

Will the ASUS Z490 Motherboards support PCIe4.0 with next Gen Intel CPUs. Specially will the ROG Lineup support it. There is nothing on site stating that Motherboards pack PCIe4.0 Slots which are limited to 3.0 performance due to limitations from sid...


I couldnt find a forum section for Z490 Strix, so I am posting here.I am considering the ROG STRIX Z490-H GAMING with an i7-10700 CPU for an upcoming build. I have some questions about the m.2 slots.This mobo comes with two M.2 slots. 1X - M.2_1 soc...

Maximus Hero X (Wi-Fi) optional Win 10 drivers suggested

I am not really an expert of knowing exactly what drivers should be used with what systems but win 10 Optional Updates which seem to related to the Intel Series 200 chipset while I have an 8th generation processor and Series 300 chipset, look a littl...

M.2_2 Configuration not saved in bios

Hello,I have tried to solve it and searched the web, but till now no luck.The problem is, that i wanted to set the M.2_2 Configuration ( in the bios) to X4.But when the system is restarted, it is set back to X2.I have only 1 Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 ...

i5 9600kf stock, z390-i gaming overvolting!

My specs: have z390-i gaming, BIOS default 2603 and i5 9600kf stock frequency, cooler: be quiet dark rock slim. And big tower case with very high airflow - Cooler master h500p. Ram g.skill trident z 3200mhz cl16 2x8GB. Geforce 2070 super. Corsair ...

empleat by Level 9
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Asua aura does not recognize motherboard

Hi guys,I went to Armoury Crate software for my Asus Motherboard Z390E (brand new) and clicked update and updated all asus software. From that update, my asus aura and armoury crate does not recognize motherboard. I can change lights to light strip, ...

To bios or not to bios ?

Hi I have finished my new pc build at last after many months of saving up euros …. now the fun part i would like to overclock my system to 4,4Ghz should I update bios from 0905 to 1005 version or not ?How do I update correctly with usb stick or via i...

HELP ME with RGB on motherboard

hello everyonei have asus rog strix z370e gaming motherboard and rgb light not working also i have rgb strip and if i connect strip to rgb header on mb also not working but if i connect strip via molex connector rgb strip works so can someone help me...

Sudden loss of LAN on 2 mobos same week...??

Hi all. I have 2 machines with ASUS mobos. One (older) is a MAXIMUS GENE, the other a MAXIMUS HERO. The machines are dual booted running OSX (one is Mojave, the other Catalina) and Win10. I have an ASUS house router RT N12-D1, with 4 ethernet por...

Tazling by Level 7
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New Motherboard and Raid transfer

I really hope I haven't screwed up. My Rampage IV Extreme died so I have a new Maximus XII Hero. I had a raid-5 with four hard drives on the old motherboard with a SSD as my boot drive. Setting up the new motherboard it told me to turn on raid, so...