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Need help with temperature on ASUS build

Hi. My name is Kacper, I'm from Poland. I'm new here, it's my very first post and I'm very sad I have to ask for help. I just built a PC recently.Let me start with giving the list of all components:Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero.CPU: Intel Co...

Maximus Xi extreme no keyboard detected at bios

Hello, I use two keyboards. One is Apple magic wired and second is Logitech G19s. My problem is, when i connect my usb devices on the back side of motherboard; the system show"no keyboard detected" at bios. But it continue and boot windows. When wind...

ASUS Maximius XII Hero and Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 2T

Hi,I have 2 new Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 2TB (NVME). Both are not detected by BIOS nor OS (Windows 10 2004)My Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 500GB works properly in all 3 M.2 Slots.Has anybody got a running Maximus XII board with this specific Version of Samsungs ...

eegee by Level 7
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Fan Control on MaximusXII Hero WiFi?

I have an AIO for the CPU hooked into the CPU fan header. I also have an AIO from my gpu hooked into the auxiliary cpu fan header. What is the least intrusive way to control these? I am leary of ASUS software due to instability and bloat. So far I h...

bwana by Level 10
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rog maximus vii formula bios help

i have just updated the bios to latest version 0901 as i have had a issue with lan everytime i turn my pc on it allways state's i dont have a internet connection but if i do a restart it works but if i shut down then turn back on does the same so th...

rudeboi by Level 7
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Question for you pro's on here.

I was wondering if anyone has tried the AI auto oc on asus z490 mobo's? Is it safe? I have tried to find a yt vids on oc'ing my 10850k but can not find any, alot of 10900k vids but not sure if I can follow those?If anyone has used the AI auto OC'ing,...

Upgrading to i7 9700K BIOS question

I currently have the ASUS Z370-F Gaming motherboard and an i5 8600K CPU. I am planning to replace this CPU with an i7 9700K.I can see on ASUS support that it's compatible with the correct BIOShttps://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z370-F-GAMI...

Omaran by Level 7
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Maximus XI Extreme/9900K Will not power on

Hello all. Let me start with a list of parts to get that out of the way.*Asus Maximus XI ExtremeSilicon Lottery Delidded 9900K running at 5.0Ghz all core**Asus Thor 1200W PSUEVGA 2080ti Kingpin EditionEVGA sound card32 GB Corsair Ram (not sure of spe...


My ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI CODE since 1 year !BIOS 1401 works BIOS 1502 works BIOS 1602 works BIOS 1704 bad ;(Same settings with BIOS 1704, XMP 1 for DRAM 3200MHz (1.350V) doesn't work, need 1-2 minutes to reboot with unstable post message (DRAM set to 2...