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[XI Hero 1802] Optical / S/PDIF dead and stuck

After upgrading 1704->1802 (flashed twice as usual + CLR)the OpticalOut / S/PDIF is detected/active -> because my Teufel's switch on.But no Audio is getting through - to make it a little bit more strange,after uplugging/removing (reboots) it still re...

nonspin by Level 7
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Rog maximus xi extreme bios 1704

Any experience with this new bios update?I installed it and its terrible for me:my 32GB G.Skill 4.266 CL17 wont boot on this (before i could boot but runs not gsat stable).So i run them across all bios updates at 4.100Mhz 16-16-36now this won't works...

Mappi75 by Level 8
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Hero XI bios 1704

Since updating the bios from 1602 to 1704 I now get a Kernel Power error 137 on returning from sleep mode. Error reads,The system firmware has changed the processor's memory type range registers (MTRRs) across a sleep state transition (S4). This can ...

no1yak by Level 8
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Asus B450-F boot loop

I have the ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING motherboard with a Ryzen 5 3400G APU.system was working fine until i put it in hibernation mode. I could not wake the system from hibernation mode.I tried the keyboard and mouse with no luck, Tried the power ...

Astyy by Level 7
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Is it possible to disable PCIE slot on M11H?

Hello!So I'm posting this to ask if it's possible to run a GPU in the second PCIE 3.0 X16 slot on my Maximus XI Hero while disabling the first slot without needing to remove the GPU in that slot? I used to be able to do that on my old RIVE motherboar...

John93 by Level 7
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Windows 10 Detects new hardware on boot Maximus Hero Wifi z390

So, this is kind of a weird one...Every time I boot into Windows, I get the detect new hardware sound (The same sound you get when you plug in a flash drive), and it takes a half second for my USB mouse/keyboard to light up and become usable. No not...

Anolin by Level 9
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Maximus XI 1702 BIOS - a z390 bios in 2020 with new features?

Call me surprised when I found the new memory settings under the 1702 bios that was just released. The ones that are especially interesting are the fail retry which asus was a bit late to the party to get included even in the z490 boards, x570 now ha...

dom1n0 by Level 7
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