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ROG MAXIMUS XII Formula Intel LAN problems

Hello,The Intel 2,5gbit LAN on my motherboad does not work after reboot. It shows allright in device manager and no errors on it, but it has no connection to at all. The connectivity leds on the motherboard I/O panel dont lid, unpluggin and plugging ...

POST / BIOS not displayed on GPU after BIOS update

I updated the bios on my Z390-F this morning and since then both POST and BIOS do not show on monitors plugged into GPU (MSI Ventus 3080). System boots fine and once windows login screen apears display is fine however prior to this I get no display. ...

ViaraiX by Level 7
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temps on a Maximus XI Formula

hi i have had for the last few years had a water cooled custom loop on my PC ,but i decieded to rebuild my computer last week and decieded on a new case i also swiched over to a NZXT kraken Z73 my question is abot temps i can see the temp on my mot...

wolfy by Level 8
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Z390-E Upgrade 4 RAM = No Boot

Hello,i have Z390-E Gaming Mainboard and my 2 RAM works only on Dimm_A1 nad Dimm_A2.I know, recommended is B2 and A2 for Dual Channel...Now i buyed the same RAM and installed this but it doenst works...If i start Boot, the PC reboot 4x and then runs ...

No OC after 2080ti + AIO Screen stuck

Hi there,My Rig is as follows:Intel core I9 9900kAsus Maximus XI CodeAorus 2080TI G.skill Trident Z 32GB 4000mhz -cl17Seasonic Prime Ultra 850Watt 80+Goldsome ssd`s and 1nvme ssdAsus AIO Ryujin 360So i was driving that stuff with a 1080ti beforehand ...

ASUS Z-390E unable to boot with 3600MHz memory

Having some issues posting with 32GB 3600MHz ram and tried the following below to no avail: - Tried XMP I and II using the respective settings on both with no success. - Set the ram overclock to manual and input the timings no change. - Updated to th...

Z370-E and drivers for ASMEDIA USB 3.1 controller

Do someone know where i can get some stable ASMEDIA drivers?i keep getting minio freeze everytime i start to game anything. tracked it down to a issue with the asmedia drivers for thr usb 3.1 controller.info: LKD_0x144_INVALID_TRANSFER_EVENT_PTR_ED_1...