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MCE decoder for WHEA error?

Hi,My guess is that the WHEA error are because of the latest bios 1003 as it did appear some day after I did update the bios.I have rolled back to 0901 but as I did have this WHEA issue before I did switch motherboard to Asus I’m a little worried.I h...

Sound - New device connected

Since I updated the BIOS (1801) and reinstalled Windows 10, I am having issues with the Sound Drivers (version 6018339_20180214R). About every hour or two, Windows freezes for about two seconds and I get the SupremeFX box (attached) notifying that th...

Problems with audio

A few months ago I built my first PC. I used the ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming motherboard. I can't stop the popup saying that I have plugged in an audio device when I have not plugged anything in. I have the audio drivers from the Asus site installed and ...

mich3700 by Level 7
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What nvme ports are recommended? What ports are chipset/cpu?

Hi,I'm going to change from 3 nvme disks to 2 and I'm wondering what ports are recommended?I was thinking of using M2_1 for the C: disk as it's just above the GPU and that's because I'll most likely don't replace it anytime soon.The m2_2 are located ...

Maximus XI Extreme 1802 Boot problems [System hangs]

Hi there,I've had problems with the board since 1802 that weren't there in 1704. The following: It comes after the PC was without power, I get "6A Detect Memory" and then the PC hangs. If the PC was not without power, everything works perfectly. I se...

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Rog Helios case wiring problem

Post also in 'Case Modding'.Building my first PC with the Helios case and the Z390-e Motherboard.The USB wiring from the CPU takes up one nine pin socket on bottom edge of motherboard.The wiring loom has two 20 pin USB plugs but there is only one 20 ...

Understanding and using XMP

XMP is often viewed as plug n' play when overclocking memory. As is the case when overclocking other system components memory stability may not be achievable by simply enabling XMP.XMP will have been fully qualified by the memory manufacturer. This t...

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Praz by Level 13
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