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Installing chipset drivers cause huge input lag

I did install chipset drivers first and then Nvidia drivers. Mouse is now heavy and there is high input lag! I read similar things on forums years ago. Do I even need chipset drivers for anything realistically? Could this improve gaming performance,...

empleat by Level 8
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Z390-f and EVGA P5 psu

Just installed a new P5 psu and it will not boot.  The following scenarios happenPlug the EATX12V into either CPU2 or CPU1 8 pin ports on the PSU, no lights on the MB , will not switch on.Leave the EATX12V unplugged from the psu, power switch on the ...

Any way to disable NVME in BIOS ?

This is really annoying, what if you want to isolate 2 systems and you can't disable NVME? Is someone doing anything to fix this?! It is really important, to be able to do that and pretty basic feature. Or what if you go to online bank, you want to d...

empleat by Level 8
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Z390-E GAMING clock issue

Hello there,I just finished building a new PC with the ASUS ROG Z390-E GAMING motherboard. Everything seems fine at startup except the clock which is off by one hour. At first, I thought it was an issue with Windows 10, but the problem occurs also in...

Maximus Extreme XI ME FW

Ive been having this issue for awhile, Just started digging recently because of the windows 11 changes.I DONT have a tpm/ptt option in my pch-fw section in the bios, and i think it might be related to the ME FW showing this likely why the t...

XMP 1 and XMP 2 difference

I just upgraded from a Z270 to Z390 using the XI Code. I moved the G.Skill RAM from my other system. On the Z170 I only had 1 XMP option. On this new board I see 2. What's the difference and which one should I choose?


Hi Folks,I have an ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-H GAMING MB with the latest BIOS update and 32 GB [8 GB x4] DDR4-3200 Memory Modules - Corsair Vengeance-LPX, which according to the CPU-Z Rog Strix app are X.M.P. 2.0 compliant. A recent video by JayzTwoCents (...

Maximus XI Hero Realtek Driver Problem

Hello,I have a big problem with Realtek Audio Driver.I have a loudspeaker with optical audio, speakers do not work if I have not installed drivers.Last week I downloaded and installed the current Realtek Audio Driver (V6.0.1.9359) last week. Cut over...