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Problems with single 900p os boot drive set-up

I am building a new system with a Maximus X and installed Windows 10 on the 900p with no problem. I then tried to set up 4X850 EVo in a raid 10. This made my 900p unbootable. I can't seem to figure out the settings to get the 900p back as my boot dri...

jezzter by Level 7
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Audio Popping Issue; z370-F

I did see the other thread about audio popping but it was about the Maximus X and I was having a slightly different issue.I do not run the drivers. The audio device is turned off via BIOS. I use a DAC/AMP setup via USB.I have three pops when I start ...

Need a bit of advice on my 8700k

Hey everyone. It seems things have changed since my first overclock... an Intel Celeron 300 -> 450Mhz. Those were the days! My last OC was a 2500k @ 4.5 and that has been stable for the past couple of years.Now there seems to be a lot more to it. ...

Apex Aquantia_5G

Hi,I've just recently purchased the Apex z370 board, and I have my Ethernet cable plugged into the Aquantia port, but every time windows starts it fails to assign a ip address. I've never had this drama before with previous boards, I've tried to trou...

Spoonie by Level 7
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Z370 Strix ITX & i7 8700K

hello im new here..- i have facing a problem with overclocking uncore, im stuck with x48 uncore. if i set more that 48, it will show only 4800mhz on cpuz..- i feel my Cinebench R15 score lil bit small than avarage..thx if someone can help me solving...

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8700k overclocking, what are some goals/targets to get to?

I have an 8700k with the Maximus hero x wifi board. I have followed the settings proposed by der8auer. I am using an EK Water Blocks 120mm radiator liquid cooling loop, one vardar fan. 3200hmz trident z ram cl16. I am limited to the 120 cooler due to...

Strix Z370-I voltage spikes, thermal runaway at high temperatures

I recently got my hands on an 8700K (finally!) and a Strix Z370-I. The processor is pretty solid at 1.3V and 4.9GHz; load power consumption for the rig (960 PRO, GTX 1070) is about 190W under Prime 95. However, there seems to be a bug (feature?) - at...

Z370E with Three Case Fans

Hi guys, I'm wondering what the best/easiest way to run my three be Silent Wings 3 case fans is. There are only two true chassis_fan headers on the Z370E. Currently I have one of the intake fans plugged into the m.2 header, but this (unsurprisingly) ...

Colifin by Level 7
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Z370-I VRM thermal throttling on BIOS 5430. How to read VRM temps?

i7-8700K [edit: delidded]5.0 GHz all cores-2 AVX offsetLLC level 5manual 1.42vboth CPU package power limits set to 200Woriginally using "extreme" VRM power phase control and duty cycle, but throttling persists on standard/t.probe mode as wellSo far I...

vithos by Level 7
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