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Hi all,I bought about 2-3 weeks ago Asus ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING (WI-FI AC) mb. I have noticed few problems.Here is my setupAsus MBG.Skill 3600MHz RAM8700k delidSSDDefine Mini C -caseKraken X62Now we can go to my problems. One is this MB VRM. I have ...

Z370 Hero and nvme config

Hi,I'm building a system with a Z370 Maximus Hero wifi board. If I put my 500gb 960 Evo nvme into the top slot with the heat spreader does this disable the first SATA port? If so, should I attach my 3 ssd's and 2 hard drives to SATA port 2-6?I assu...

kahless by Level 7
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Maximus Hero X Post but will not continue boot

I am building a new system with (note that I have build 5 to 10 systems over my life time) Maximus Hero X and an Intel i-5 8600X processor Numerous hard drives from my old system (Three SSDs, two HDs, one DVD drive) One M2 SSD ASUS Geforce GTX 75...

Asus Prime Z370-A and watercooling set : BIOS settings ?

Yesterday i've installed a NZXT Kraken X62 set for the i7 8700K CPU.Now there's something I can't figure out :I'm using a Asus Prime Z370-A motherboard.Is it possible to tell the Prime Z370-A that a watercolling set is in use ?And where can I find it...

MaccieD by Level 7
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Strix z370 f-gaimng 4030 Ram Compatibility

Just bought the corsair ddr4 4000 CMK8GX4M2B4000C19On my strix z370 f-gaming/ bios 4030 the xmp profile is unstable. running at 4000 or also lower like 3800 suddenly i got a bosd and windows memoey diagnostics found some issue. This never happen wi...

Overclocking Tips & System stability.

First time building a system with unlocked CPU. Have few questions for overclocking.System : 8600K, MaximusXHero, KrakenX62, TridentZRGB_3200_CL14. Running at high performance in windows power setting for testing.Stability Tests : AIDA64(CPU,FPU,Cach...

varkey by Level 7
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5 way ootinization

Is there a build of dual intelligent processor 5 for z370 ? The product description lists it for my motherboard but there is no download available from the website. The only software available seems to be aura .

jrok96 by Level 7
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