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ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING --- VID bios disable issue

Hi,I have a problem with bios 0430 option on ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING .There isn't the option to disable VID, only to choose SVid Best\Worst\AUTO ecc..I use manual vcore and need this option to prevent up\down voltage.In MANUAL mode with Best option ...

BRUNEZ by Level 7
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Maximus X Apex GSkill F4-3600C17D-32GTZR

Hello, i have some problems to get the RAM working in XMP mode, ive i switch to XMP the BIOS Code LED says first 43 after that 01 and 03 and stuck at this point.The Timmings and Voltage are right but i cant Boot with XMP setings, can someone help me ...

strix z370-h and 8700k overclocking

hello there i bought an i5 8400 cpu and strix z370-h motherboard today .. i thought in a couple of years i could replace the cpu and get 8700k and overclock the hell out of itso i stumpled upon youtube video mentioning there is an error with LLC func...

Offset VCore Maximus Hero and 8700K?

Hello all, I cannot make, that Offset VCore on my Hero work. Maybe I make something wrong. Bios is a 0802.Right now my 8700K is running with Manual VCore 1,230 V and 4,7Ghz without any problems. I read a lot and watched the Video about OC Hero from ...

Z370 Hero AC Wifi, 2nd GPU not showing up

I have a z370 hero wifi motherboard, and my second GPU is not showing up. First GPU is a 1080ti asus strix, and the 2nd is a 1080 founders edition. First works fine, but I cannot see the 2nd one connected. It is properly connected to the PCIE slot an...

Z370-F LED's not working

Hey Guys,So I recently built a new system as an upgrade which includes a Z370-F, 8700K, Trident Z RGB. So I had plenty of troubles early with Aura and still am with the LED's not changing ever and the DRAM affects being 3-4-1-2 order which is annoyin...

Strix Z370-E Setting DRAM CAS?

I have Corsair RAM that will do 3200Mhz at CAS14 (model: CMD16GX4M2B3200C14) but can't seem change the CAS setting in the BIOS to 14. The setting in the AITweaker is set to AUTO and I can't change it. Thus the RAM is currently set to CAS 17 via that ...