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Question,On the Maximus X, if I use both NVMe drive slots and SLI 2x 1080ti's, will i see things like reduction in perfomance because of the number of PCIe channels being used?AN 8700k has 16 channels (2x8 on the GPUs maxes that out) are the NVMe dr...

Adron82 by Level 7
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Maximus X Formula VRM Temp

Hi, i got my new Formula and it works fine. Bios Version 0802( ok need a little bit more V-Core to my Hero before but thats ok for me 0,015v more ) But my Vrm Temps are i little bit to high in my opinion. I´ve overclocked my 8700K to 5Ghz with 1,355V...

Guidelines for choosing the right Memory for Coffeelake?

Hi everyone,I am about to buy a Maximus X Formula and cant decide which memory to buy. I want very good performance, but have several questions:-Is it easier to reach 4000MHz with 2 Dimms or a kit of 4 Dimms? Is the same principle valid for High dens...

XMP Instability

Hi,For the better part of a week I’ve been battling (and failing) to try and get my 8700k stable. I’m only aiming for 4.8GHz. That’s the maximum I’m comfortable with in relation to temperatures (and I know I lost the silicon lottery anyway so I won’t...

PilotGW by Level 8
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X Hero - M.2 nut warning

Just letting you know that you should not use the bottom M.2 slot with the included shield, or any other shield for that matter,Besides the increased temperature while using the shield, the lower nut in which you insert the screw that holds the shiel...

Deepcuts by Level 10
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Aura - ROG Z370 code + Asus 1080Ti OC not working

Hi Everyone,I just received my new ROG Z370 Code board and install my Asus 1080TIInstall the newest AURA version. On top of AURA, I can see motherboard, and DRAM and Add Strip. However, I dont see my Graphic card. Do I need to install anything e...

ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING --- VID bios disable issue

Hi,I have a problem with bios 0430 option on ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING .There isn't the option to disable VID, only to choose SVid Best\Worst\AUTO ecc..I use manual vcore and need this option to prevent up\down voltage.In MANUAL mode with Best option ...

BRUNEZ by Level 7
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Maximus X Apex GSkill F4-3600C17D-32GTZR

Hello, i have some problems to get the RAM working in XMP mode, ive i switch to XMP the BIOS Code LED says first 43 after that 01 and 03 and stuck at this point.The Timmings and Voltage are right but i cant Boot with XMP setings, can someone help me ...

strix z370-h and 8700k overclocking

hello there i bought an i5 8400 cpu and strix z370-h motherboard today .. i thought in a couple of years i could replace the cpu and get 8700k and overclock the hell out of itso i stumpled upon youtube video mentioning there is an error with LLC func...