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Maximus X Code - Sata Ports Disabled when using M.2

I have an M.2 SSD in both slots running in RAID 0. I can't get any of the SATA ports to detect my HDD. The Manual Says if 1 M.2 is used in SATA mode, then port 1 disabled and if the second uses PCIE, port 5 and 6 are disabled. Is there something in t...

Dreaden by Level 7
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Maximus X Hero - code 55

Hello guys,im new here,my name is Alex im 33 So i recently purchased Maximux X hero...when i install ram ( g.skill tridentz RGB 3200) on 1st and 3rd slot i got code 55,when i install ram on 3rd and 4th slot everything is working..because i have code...

sektash by Level 7
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Maximus X Formula "Cmos Error" after Cmos Reset, no POST

Hello,My MXF shows CMOS error after doing a CMOS clear on the back of the MB.If i reboot once more, the system posts fine. This happens with both latest Bios versions, I tried different USB sticks, Downloads and Ezflash as well as USB flashback.Is th...

RGB and the Z370-G

I posted about this over in an Aura thread and realized this actually has nothing to do with Aura as Aura is really non-existent on the Z370-G Mobo. On this board what are my options for RGB power and hell just running an RGB fan like the In Win Pola...

z370 maximus x hero WiFi-AC and non-Wifi compatibility?

Just a question before I make a purchase, is there any compatibility difference with RAM with the WiFi and non-WiFi motherboards?I go to the G.Skill website and it has 2 different options for both motherboards, and they show different sets of ram com...

Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC version) - Question about antenna

I suppose this is a question for any of Asus' recent motherboards with with built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth, or at least with the included antenna. My question is this: is it possible for me to replace the included antenna with a 3rd party antenna? I kn...

Maximus X hero WiFi - G.Skill 3200 2x8GB not clocking to 3200

I'm new to overclocking & tweaking but I've done a few days worth of reading and trying others' settings and/or trying my own. I'm having no luck or I'm not donig this right.Bios 05058700k1080 ti3200 16gb ram 2x8gbI get a "bios has posted in safe mo...

MixMike by Level 7
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Is this a stable oc setting for my 8700k maximus x?

First time builder first time to OC. These are my settings, I pretty much followed a guide video and then just started lowering voltage incrementally. Runs stable on OCCT for 1 hour. Temps dont go above 70c.First, specs: 8700k - 4.9ghz @ 1.3vram: 3...

BIOS 0606 Freezing games / or when installing software

Hello,I seriously wish to complain with latest BIOS released for Strix z370-I. I have updated BIOS yesterday and updated the drivers on the page, and now when installing/removing software, the system freezes for a couple of minutes. I cannot play gam...

s4nt0s by Level 7
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Not hitting max Turbo 8700k

Hi people would like to know if this is a Motherboard or CPU issue so i can either send either of them for an RMA. Sync all cores can be set to 50, 51, 52 doesn't matter and the most it will hit in windows is 4904MHz. Using any benchamarking tools. I...