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MAXIMUS X Code - QCode 18 Help

Hey everyone !Just created this account so i could ask you guys. I just finished building myself a new PC and i put a lot of effort into it, everything is in place and looks amazing but, i can't get it to boot.In fact i can't get to BIOS, i've plugge...

Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC)

Hello, I have a question about the wi-fi adapter in the Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC edition). I would like to know if there is any software I can use to control the adapter/antenna a little more than what the Windows interface is capable of. For instanc...

Unable to cold Boot on Maxius X Hero

Hello all,I own a new PC rig since end of December, including :- ROG Maximus X Hero motherboard- Intel I7 8700K- 2x 8 Gb Corsair Vengeance LED 3000Mhz (16 Gb total)PC is working great with mild OC (x47 all cores -> 4.7 Ghz) with air cooling (Phanteks...

Osirith by Level 7
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Fan headers on Hero X

have added another fan to the bottom of my case and put one of the front fans into the CPU OPT fan header ....... and the pump is plugged into the AIO fan headerNow want to add another fan to the bottom of the case and was wondering what headers ...

will_s by Level 7
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Maximus X Z370 M.2 help

I think I found the right thread for this question, so I have the Maximus x with the 8700k gtx1080 strix, and for the life of me I couldn't remember what kind of Samsung I put in it when I built it. the other day I was at microcenter and said well I ...

ratty22 by Level 7
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Maximus X Code - Sata Ports Disabled when using M.2

I have an M.2 SSD in both slots running in RAID 0. I can't get any of the SATA ports to detect my HDD. The Manual Says if 1 M.2 is used in SATA mode, then port 1 disabled and if the second uses PCIE, port 5 and 6 are disabled. Is there something in t...

Dreaden by Level 7
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Maximus X Hero - code 55

Hello guys,im new here,my name is Alex im 33 So i recently purchased Maximux X hero...when i install ram ( g.skill tridentz RGB 3200) on 1st and 3rd slot i got code 55,when i install ram on 3rd and 4th slot everything is working..because i have code...

sektash by Level 7
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Maximus X Formula "Cmos Error" after Cmos Reset, no POST

Hello,My MXF shows CMOS error after doing a CMOS clear on the back of the MB.If i reboot once more, the system posts fine. This happens with both latest Bios versions, I tried different USB sticks, Downloads and Ezflash as well as USB flashback.Is th...

RGB and the Z370-G

I posted about this over in an Aura thread and realized this actually has nothing to do with Aura as Aura is really non-existent on the Z370-G Mobo. On this board what are my options for RGB power and hell just running an RGB fan like the In Win Pola...