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How to use Ramcache II with Maximus X Code?

Can I configure Ramcache II with the Maximus X Code board to use only one storage device (OS drive)? With Smart mode on, Ramcache II wants to cache USB flash devices.

A123-18 by Level 7
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Sound causing Video problems on Hero X

When loading a track for iRacing the screen would go blank and the message "No Signal" would appear then back to the loading screen then the "no signal" ...repeat a couple more times and when the track is loaded it works perfectly. Someone suggested ...

will_s by Level 7
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System Randomly Powers off

Hey Guys, I have a small problem I hope you can help me with..My Setup: ROG Maximus X Heroi7 8700KKFA² 1080 Ti HOF EditionNZXT Kraken X6232 GB G.Skill Ripjaws (Dual Kit)Samsung 960 Evo4TB WD BlackThe system randomly powers off every now and then. Cou...

Z370-F PCI-E 16x running at only 2x

Hey,so after some time lurking the forums I am now in a situation where I could use some help really. My setup is as follows:8700KStrix Z370-FStrix 1080 AdvancedNow this is already a replacement board, since the first one wouldn't boot as soon as a R...

LeZec by Level 7
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STRIX Z370-I and 8700K Overclock - Temps - Bios settings

Hi everyone,How is my results *** Darkstone's Custom Watercool Setup ***Radiator : Alphacool Monsta 240mm (80mm thickness)Pump : Swictech MCP655 (D5 Speed Controlled)CPU Block : EK Supreme HF NickelGPU Block : Barrow 1080Ti mini (GPU Block is not arr...

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X Hero AC A2 QCode

Hey,ive just upgraded vom z170 to a x hero ac and a 8700k. im using g.skill rampage v 3200 cl16.now, the board is updated to the latest bios (1003) and no matter what, 2 out of 3 times i get a qcode A2 doing a cold start. once it booted and im in win...

Minsekt by Level 7
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Formula X: Live Dash not working -> no lights at all

Hi,I cannot get Live Dash to work on my Formula X.I am running BIOS 1003.The Live Dash is enabled in the BIOS, but there is never a light in it.I have LiveDash Installed and lasted AiSuite.I wonder it the Display is broken....Any advice?BR,Mi...

Mikchr by Level 7
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pci-e x16 / x4 question with gpu's

quick gpu question. have a hero x 1080ti setup right now and was basically given an old 970. due to the 2.5 slot of the 1080ti using the 8x would block airflow. what happens to the pci-e lanes in the 4x slot? i know if you use the top two it goes 8x ...

racebum by Level 7
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Can i disable the HD_LED on the Formula X?

Just got my system done with waterloop installed. And there is an annoying orange led shining through my clear 1080ti waterblock, which I believe is the Hdd led on the motherboard according to the manual. I would just put some tape over it, but it's ...

Intermittent POST please help

I ordered a DIY build from newegg. When I power on the machine, it'll only post sometimes. When it posts, it runs perfectly, absolutely no issues. The voltages read out properly in the bios and I'm able to set up xmp and tweak my RAM settings. I've ...

bitcoin by Level 7
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