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Slower boot time when setting RAM speed - Maximus X Code

Hello all..I am new here and pretty new to Asus motherboards, but not to PC building..Here's my dilemma, maybe someone can educate me I just built a Maximus X Code system with an i7 8700k and 32gb of Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz RAM (additional specs in...

LSPCON chip on Maximus X Hero?

Good morning,I was wondering whether the Maximus X Hero mobo has the LSPCON chip onboard, which allows me to get HDR. I know that it does support neither HDMI 2.0 nor Displayport 1.4 that, according to Intel, are the minimum requirements to get HDR. ...

Sosin Studio III Not Working With Sound From Spotify

The Sonic Studio Effect does not apply to sound coming from Spotify, every other application (that i know of) works just fine with the applied Bass and Treble boost. Why is this? Is there anyone else that has this same problem?The way i can tell is b...

Sound causing Video problems on Hero X

When loading a track for iRacing the screen would go blank and the message "No Signal" would appear then back to the loading screen then the "no signal" ...repeat a couple more times and when the track is loaded it works perfectly. Someone suggested ...

will_s by Level 7
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System Randomly Powers off

Hey Guys, I have a small problem I hope you can help me with..My Setup: ROG Maximus X Heroi7 8700KKFA² 1080 Ti HOF EditionNZXT Kraken X6232 GB G.Skill Ripjaws (Dual Kit)Samsung 960 Evo4TB WD BlackThe system randomly powers off every now and then. Cou...

Z370-F PCI-E 16x running at only 2x

Hey,so after some time lurking the forums I am now in a situation where I could use some help really. My setup is as follows:8700KStrix Z370-FStrix 1080 AdvancedNow this is already a replacement board, since the first one wouldn't boot as soon as a R...

LeZec by Level 7
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