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HAMP Q Fan adjustment locks/freezes Bios

I am trying to make Q Fan fan adjustments in the Bios and every time I make a change to the HAMP header the Bios freezes and then all other header changes are lost on reboot. Quite annoying...

Zeroed85 by Level 8
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Aura and Cooler Master Cosmos c700p

I have a Maximus X Formula, 2 GTX 1080ti Poseidon, an SLI HB Bridge, and a Cooler Master Cosmos c700p. How do I connect all these so the MB controls everything? The cable that came with the MB can’t be used to connect the case and the cable that came...

Sverre by Level 9
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Maximum Hero x(ac) ram overvolting doesnt work

Hi guys. I build my first pc a week ago(Asus Maximum Hero X (AC) intel 8700k, Gskill Trident Z 16gb(2x8) 3200mhz 14cl ram) Everything works fine except one thing. I cant overclock my ram. I only can get 2500mhz 14 cl or 2800mhz 16cl. (i tried really ...

MAXIMUS X HERO - 8700k /with XMP 4133Mhz issue

Hey!I am new to the forum and not very proficient in OC, so I come to you for some questions and tips.To begin, the specs:- ROG MAXIMUS X HERO- i7 8700k (4.8 Ghz - 1.29 Vcore) - No delidded- F4-4133C19D-16GTZR (XMP: 1.35v 19-19-19-39)- Corsair Hydro...

Imbaron by Level 7
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PCIEx4_3 slot with 16 PCIE lanes used

I am looking at getting an Elgato Gaming Capture card:https://www.amazon.com/Elgato-ultra-low-technology-recording-gameplay/dp/B076ZQBN6R?th=1I currently have an Asus Maximus X Hero WIFI/AC board with an i7 8700K and 2x GTX 1080ti. 2x M.2 are on the ...

Adron82 by Level 7
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Dvi port not working on asus rog strix z370-e gaming motherboard

Hey, I bought this motherboard. I know that there is two display port (1 HDMI + 1 DVI). The DVI working fine, but when I am trying to add another monitor that DVI not working. I thought that monitor(Samsung p2050) is quite old so that may be the DVI ...

Maximus X Extreme?

Simple question, will we see a Maximus X Extreme? About to pull the trigger on a whole new setup, 1080Ti Poseidon, 8700K etc etc and I would love to have a motherboard like the Extreme for the Z270 with a sweet monoblock

NE0XY by Level 9
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Maximus X hero / i7 8700K settings?

Hi there,I installed yesterday a maximus X hero, 8700K and Trident Z RGBI have an Eisbaer AIO LT 360I was quite surprised by the temps.. Coming from a delidded 4790k which maxed out at 60 degrees (non oc) in game or stress test, seeing 70 degrees in ...

Asryan by Level 10
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