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Bios showing 2133hz

I need some help please. I just built my Pc like a week ago and My ram in the bios says it’s running at 2133hz when I have two 8g 3000cl15 hz Corsair. I have a intel i7 8700kGPU - Nvidia 1080 PSU - seasonic 550Liquid cooler h60 Corsair Asus strix ROG...

Fustrating FAN Issues

I am so lost, I am confused. I have the Z370-E. two front 140mm Corsair ML140s, one connected to the M.2 socket and the other to Chass2. I have An 8700k with a Deep Cool single 120mm fan on a 4 pipe tower. I have one ML140 on the exhaust backside con...

joshua5 by Level 7
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8 pin CPU Power - Mobo not starting up? ;(

Hey Alli have a new build im doing for my nephew that isnt going too well. after installing all of the parts into the case and turning it on the power comes on and then off right away and sometimes the red cpu light flashes for an instant, i diagnose...

tdkmatt by Level 7
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X HERO + 8700K. Can I disable "Ring Down Bin"?

Is it safe? I have manual voltages without offset:- vcore 1.2V- LLC 6- AVX 0- Cache 8-45- MCE disable- Sync All Cores with Ratio limit 45So now I have 800-4500 MHz with 1.2V at idle and ~1.212V under P95 with AVX. And with "Ring Down Bin" disabled, I...

booya by Level 7
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MX Apex, RAM problems/ SLOT A_1

Hi ,MXA mainboard for RAM overcloking?probably yes but my motherboard is not suitable for this,I already have 4 mainboards from the Maximus X series, Bios is all the time in the Beta version, RAM Slot A_1 blocks overcloking RAM memory,My RAM Memory o...

VSS-HH by Level 7
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Maximus X Hero (Wifi) Random Restarts

Hi everyone, I am having problems with my Maximum X Hero (Wifi) motherboard. I get random restart when trying to pass prime95 blend tests. At all stock settings I get random restarts 4-5 hours in and when I set up an overclock I get restarts within 2...