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Having trouble moving from Manual Voltage to Adaptive Voltage

Hi everyoneFirst let me say that I am not an experienced overclocker by any means, I only have experience doing basic overclocking with manual voltage. Please don't crucify me if I misunderstand something or make a mistake.With that out the way, I ha...

Zammin by Level 9
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Maximus x hero audio

Hello! I am in the process of buying a motherboard and was going to go with the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO, but I am reading reports that the audio is very bad on it? the main reason I wanted to go for it was because of the audio. I want something that ...

Updating the bios

So I am completing a build using the maximus x hero (wifi) and I need to update the bios. This new board has ver 0802 but there are a few versions since this board released. Do I need to do all of them in date order or go to the current one? Will th...

Pearman by Level 7
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Z370-F Power on from cold boot doesn't enter POST

Hi all,This happens 1 out of every 5 boot, usually from cold. I have to force a shutdown and boot again for it to go into post.I have attached a speaker to hear the beeps codes to the z370-F when i first built it. When the issue happens, all the RGB ...

F0x135 by Level 8
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Adaptive versus manual Vcore

More than a few posters have indicated that they are using der8auer's excellent YouTube overclocking guide for their initial overclock's. If you have reached stability using those guidelines, consider shifting from the recommended "manual" Vcore sett...

73769 73770
Snakeyes by Level 11
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Z370-e wifi insane local speed

I was surprised to see equal to 80+% of wireless traffic ever due to which most client dongles are usb speed limitation. This onboard possible pci card is insane speed

Z370-e firmware 0614- memory improvements


Intel i7 8700k @ 4.3ghz 1.26V freezing on Games

Hi GuysI am facing random freezing on gaming which last for 2-6 sec and only hear the bgm background everything else freezing. It resumes and never stuck on that screen and no blue screen at all. Its so annoying that it cant be the thermal throttling...