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New build can’t boot - recover bios settings error msg

Hi there, first time post as I’ve not used an asus mobo before. I am upgrading my build with a new maximus x hero and an i7-8700k. I rebuilt the system with everything plugged in and it won’t boot I get to the American Megatrends page and an error me...

Asus strix z370-e gaming water cooling problem.

Hello guys,i have install Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite ML240L RGB in to my asus strix z370-e gaming.First of all when i restart the pc pump start working very loud like working on 100% speed untill windows is loaded (very annoying)Second i do not ...

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Gushy by Level 7
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Fans connectors to use

Hi!Right now I have my Asus Maximus X Hero MB installed in a Fractal Design R6 Define Case. I have connected the 3 140mm fans that come with the case to the CHA_FAN1, CHA_FAN2 and CHA_FAN3 connectors, so that I can control their speed depending on ho...

Is Maximus IX Extreme compatible with i7 8700K?

Hi all, I was planning to build a new pc. I choose Maximus IX Extreme because of the mono block. My question is:1. Will the i7 8700K run perfectly on Maximus IX Extreme? 2. Which processor to choose between i7 7700K and i7 8700K? I am having a GTX 10...

Z370 E-Gaming cannot set fan profiles in BIOS

Hey all,No matter what settings I configure the fans for (AUTO / PWN / DC etc) I cannot see or set fan profiles in BIOS or in ASUS AI Suite II at OS level.The fan being recognised as CPU fan it actually my main chasis fan in back panel as I have a NZ...

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Morlach by Level 7
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Maximus X Code BIOS and turning off fans completely

I am attempting to configure Speedfan to control my fans, rather than AI suite 3, which I have been having multiple issues with..Long story short, Speedfan does not seem to want to turn down any of my Chassis fans to 0 rpm, i.e. turn them off. It doe...

Tazski by Level 7
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Help with Ram Install on new build - Thanks!

I have a Asus Strix z370-E and a 32GB G-Skill DDR-4000 Kit FR-4000C18Q-32GTZKW I can only get the pc to post with 16GB or 2 sticks. When I load all 4 the pc wont post.I am not to familiar with building PC's it took me a while to even get this far. Wh...

A terrible mother is the Maximus Viii Extreme / Assembly ?

Creo que honestamente cometí un error al comprar la Madre "Maximus Viii Extreme / Assembly" en noviembre de 2016. Estoy bastante decepcionado por algunas circunstancias: 1 ° Mi voltaje + 12V base es 12,288, UNA LOCURA INCREÍBLE. No tengo idea de por ...

Maximus X Formula and Core Temp Power reading

With my new system (Asus Maximus X Formula+Core i7 8700K) I installed Coretemp because I use it since many years.The problem is, that Power information is incorrect. No matter how hard the CPU is working, it is stuck to 3,6 W, moves sometimes higher ...


Questions about the QvL list supported RAM and SSDs

In The QvL List to my Maximus X Formula (and that is similar to X Hero Boards) there are only 4*16 GB RAM Kits but no 2*16 GB Kits at all? Why? there are only Samsung 960 evo und pro M.2 SSDs with max. 512 GB but no one with 1 TB. Why?