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Suspected dead motherboard, or something else?

I’m building a new system right now, I decided to go with the ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-G Gaming WIFI (AC) motherboard. CPU I7 8700KEVGA 750 GQ 750WCrucial Ballistix Sport LT Gray DDR4 2666MHz 2x8GBNoctua NH-D15S cooler.I mounted everything in the case but...

magnusv by Level 7
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Headphone Audio Becomes Distorted After A While...

So on top of the other audio problems the Maximus X Hero (wifi) has, I'm now noticing something different. After streaming nearly every day up to 12-14 hrs a day, my headphones will get a distortion in the audio. Hard to explain. Sometimes it sound l...

Threat by Level 7
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W_PUMP+ header with EK PWM D5 on Maximus X Formula

Hey all,I'd like to monitor the pump RPM and make sure the system will shut down if the pump fails (ie: 0RPM). Currently the pump is not showing up in the BIOS although I do have it plugged into the W_PUMP+ header.The system is up and running for a f...

h34vy by Level 7
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Fan RGB not working on Maximus X Hero

Just built the system in a CoolerMaster H500P case and can't get the front fans to light up. The board shows 2 RGB headers....1 listed as Aura and the other listed as Addressable but neither light the front fans up. The BIOS shows it set to on and ...

Which motherboard is best for SLI 1080Ti? Space wise

I have a z370-F in a meshify C case, but despite the fantastic (air) cooling and no matter the fan curves, the top GPU in SLI is hitting 85c. Bottom card hovers at 65-68c.Without resorting to water cooling, is going to a different motherboard, with b...

F0x135 by Level 7
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MF10 and Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200 stuck at 1.2v...SOLVED

SOLVED...Motherboard scratched near standoff.Hi guys, having a strange issue with my Maximus Formula X and some new ram I installed. When I enable the XMP profile for this Corsair Vengenance Pro RGB 3200 mem everything applies as expected in the BIOS...

Disabling the C1 state (not C1E)

When I set the C-state control to Disabled and the CFG Lock to Enabled in the UEFI Setup (so the Windows CPU-idle driver should not be able to re-enable any C-states) the CPU still seems to use C1 (basically clock gated HALT state) besides C0 (full ...