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Maximus X Hero Sound Problems(Drivers)

I have problems with sound in my Maximus X hero.I installed the latest drivers (clean install) and I have cracking sound in some games and movies.Also I have poping sound when I restart/start my PC.I tried disabling fast boot on windows but no luck.I...

Maximus X Formula Discontinued?

Has the Maximus X Formula been discontinued? Amazon, Newegg, B&H Photo, and a few other retailers have either removed the listing for the board or have it marked as discontinued. Only places seem to be Ebay with the typical overpriced options for har...

Maximus X Z370 vs Maximus XI Z390

Hi everyone,Many of you may have seen the images of the ASUS Z390 Motherboard lineup on VideoCardz the other day. The Maximus XI series looks very similar to the Maximus X series underneath all the heat spreaders and stuff on top, most of the surface...

Zammin by Level 9
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Brand New Strix Z370-I No Seal. Is this Normal?

Bought a brand new Strix Z370 ITX from newegg. The board came without a seal for both the box as well as the anti-static bag. Is this considered normal for ASUS boards now? Or should I demand a return from newegg ASAP

xkm121 by Level 7
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Maximus X Formula + LiveDash + Erp enabled issue

Hi guys, I have a problem with my new mobo and I would like to see if someone can help me:I like to keep my usb devices turned off when I turn the pc off, so I usually enable ErP in bios. The thing is when I enable it, it seems that LiveDash screen r...

Where did the maximus x apex go?

Did it get discontinued already? Does that mean if we have one already the support will be non existent? Just saw it was gone off the site when I went to look for driver updates only the support page loads now.

bkeller by Level 7
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AI Suite set 1.32v but I'm Seeing up to 1.5v

Hey Guys, I have the Maximus X (WiFi) and an 8700k with Gskill 3200mhz 14cl. Kraken x62 pump on the cpu for the first time in almost a year I decided to OC. Wanted to try this 5-Way Optimization I've heard great things and I honestly don't have the e...

ROG MAXIMUS X FORMULA Intel I219V driver update

I am currently using the ROG MAXIMUS X FORMULA board and have left it at stock value for now.My question: I can't seem to update the driver for I219V LAN adapter. I have uninstalled it, ran intel software to update it through intel, I have tried to f...