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Z370 E massive issue.

Everytime I boot it goes to the part where you see the windows icon the first time and the dots that go in a cirlce. THen my screens go into sleepmode and I KNOW that the PCs boots, according to sounds etc blablabla not important.The only way to get ...

Z370 E support memory

Hi, can Team Group T-Force Delta 2x8gb 3000mhz (TF3D416G3000HC16CDC01) support dual channel on Asus Z370 E ? Thanks!

PC wont power on after initial start and BIOS check

Hi,I have built a brand new PC and when i first hit the power button, everything went fine. I have accessed BIOS setup and checked options.After that, I have powered off/restarted PC couple of times to check BIOS again. (No OS installed yet)Next day,...

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levye by Level 7
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Problem VCORE Z370-F gaming

I do not know if it's a problem with the mobo or the cpu since it was with windows and when updating the bios to 1412Recently there was problem update october of windows, I did not know your problem. I installed a windows 10 clean, but my problems st...

Proper way to uninstall/update motherboard drivers

Hey guys,I'm on a Maximus X Apex, and it's been a year since I built this system and I'd like to update to all the latest motherboard drivers after installing the latest bios. I usually just reinstall Windows, but I'd rather not do that this time if ...

thebski by Level 9
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STRIX Z390-F GAMING & Intel i7 8086K

Hi;I Want To Update My PC to M.B : ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING & Intel Core i7 8086KMy Q. is :: HAVE Intel Core i7 8086K Meltdown/Spectre CPU Vulnerabilities ??? I Won't Buy 9th generation Core CPU (VERY Expensive) Or Wait for a while (MAYBE) Prices 9...

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Coil Whine with PSU Corsair CX750M and Z370-H

Hi! I am 9 years old and I live in Brazil. So, sorry for my english.My dad built a PC Gamer for me with the follow specifications:- ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H- Intel Core i7-8700 Coffee Lake 8a, Cache 12MB, 3.2GHz- Intel Optane 16GB - Memory Corsair Venge...

ROG Maximus X hero A2 code

I just finished a build using a new ROG Maximus X Hero WiFi with the following components: - i7 8700 - G skill 32 meg of ram on QVL - ROG Strix GTX 1080ti - Corsaire AIO cooler for GPU - Samsung SSD - Seagate Sata drive *I booted up the computer fi...

Sleep Mode in Maximus X Hero

I’m new to computer building and just finished a build using the Maximus X hero with a EVGA 850 Power supply. When i shut down the computer in windows or using the power switch on case the computer shuts down but the MB and GPU still show LED and the...

Best FAN setup and temperature sources for max airflow

Hi all,As far as i know, there are so many combinations to set up fans, their input sources and spin configurations. That is why i am a bit confused about how to setup my system. So i have a couple of questions.Firstly my summary configuration is, ( ...

levye by Level 7
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