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Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene

Wondering if anyone on Asus can give us a ETA on the Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene, i haven't seen it on any retailers so im assuming it will be a be released later on, but an estimated ETA would be great to see when i could finish my build.

Abula by Level 9
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Z390 Has Security Hole

According to TechNet, all Z390 boards now inject files directly into new Windows installations. This has majority security concerns due to not being able to tell if the files have been compromised, GDPR compliance is broken, and assumption that this ...

Black screen instead of BIOS issue - not major, but very irritating

Whenever I want to get into BIOS, I reset my PC using the reset button, and then as soon as I hear the *beep*, I start pressing the DELETE button 2-5 times in a row to make sure I do get into BIOS. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of times with ...

MonarchX by Level 7
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Asus Strix Z370-E on-board RGB only on when pc is off

Is there anyone here who owns an Asus Strix z370-e motherboard and has had trouble with the on-board RGB? I checked here on the ASUS forums and have not found my particular issue and no one has been able to answer it for me.My on-board RGB is set to ...

Maximus X Hero memory overclock issue / help request

Hello, guys.I moved some weeks ago from my old s1366 westmere rig onto the new one. I got i7-8086k, Maximus X Hero mobo, 32gb (16x2) 3200CL14 memory from G.Skill and Samsung 970Pro 1Tb SSD, other parts remained unchanged (1080Ti etc, HDD's etc)I suc...

Gre4ka by Level 7
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