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Simply seeking some feedback on these voltage values.

Hi everyone, for years I had been running my processors and RAM at stock voltages but recently Ive tried to learn more about acceptable ranges in an effort to reduce temps etc. Id like to list out my voltage (getting these from hwinfo64) and gather e...

No signal from Maximus X DP to Asus PG279

I brought an entire new setup. Maximus X HERO wifi bundled with i7-8086. Im still waiting on the GPU so I tried to connect the monitor via DP to the motherboard. No signal from DP but I get signal with HDMI. any way to fix this?

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390 OR ASUS Prime Z390-P

I plan to put an i78086k in one of these motherboards, I hope to get up to 5.2.Will the Prime provide enough power to get to 5.2/5.3I know there is a debate on the hero having true 8 phase power.I plan to put in one or two M.3s and use my old Rog STR...

8700K For Asus Rog Maximus Xi Formula Z390 Purchased

Hey Everyone,First of all am using 8700K @5,2Ghz and i have Asus Rog Maximus X Hero by the way my system is costum(watercooling)i wanna change my MB Z370 Asus Rog Maximus X Formula or Z390 Asus Rog Maximus Xi Formula which one is better for my 8700...

Z397 Maximus X Hero Wi-Fi and 9900k

Will I have any issues with overclocking on this board? I didn't plan on upgrading my motherboard.Not sure on the whole phase and vrm stuff works. All I know is I read it has a 10 phase 4x2 or something and 8 phase for cpu and 2 for gpu?

STRIX Z370-E GAMING won't see new 860 EVO m.2 SSD

Hey guys,I just recently added a 860 EVO m.2 SSD (1TB) to my setup, and it's sitting in the middle slot (not the one at the bottom w heat sink) For some reason, the computer will not see it. I checked to make sure it's properly seated. I actually use...

Maximus XI Code fingerprints and scratches

I noticed in some of the reviews on NewEgg that people were reporting fingerprints on their new XI Code motherboards. I just received mine from Amazon, and noticed fingerprints as well. Is this normal on new Asus boards? I've also noticed some scr...

z390 and 8700k

Hello gangAs a ROG and constant reader and tester, I am here to ask a questions, before i place a order. I WILL not buy the 9900k. But i will get the 8700k. I want to get the new board. If I get the new z390 board, WHAT will NOT work using 8700k. th...